True Blood Season 5 Finale Recap: ‘Save Yourself’ 8/26/12

True Blood Season 5 Finale Recap: 'Save Yourself' 8/26/12

Tonight on HBO at 9PM EST is an all new episode of the hit vampire drama “True Blood”. This episode is the season five finale of the show, titled, “Save Yourself”. In case you’ve missed last Sunday’s episode, titled “Sunset”, then you can read our detailed recap here. We can’t believe that the finale is already here!

According to HBO, this episode centers around Eric embarking on a final, desperate mission to save Bill from losing his humanity. In addition, Eric will recruit Sookie in his mission to save Bill from his nest behavior.

From the sneak peek video, we’ve noticed the following:

The fairies at the club are zapping Russell with everything they’ve got, but it doesn’t appear to be affecting him at all. Last week, he feasted on the Elder, so he could see their fun house club. Jason is heard saying that the time for tolerance is over. He’s dressed up in all black and is brandishing his gun.

Eric tries to convince Bill that Lilith is a mad God who brings nothing but destruction. Salome is also seen drinking Lilith’s blood from the vial. So who’s going to survive the mayhem from the vampire war with the humans? Who will survive the fight between the fairies and Russell?

We will be recapping the season five finale tonight LIVE, as always. So stay tuned to this spot and refresh often for updates. The fun begins at 9PM EST, so don’t be late to the party! In the meantime, tell us in the comments about your favorite part of this season!


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