True Blood season finale predictions

With the finale of True Blood hanging over our heads, we’ve got nothing but time to think of some predictions/guesses as to what’s going to happen on the show, September 12th.

Sookie Stackhouse

Sookie is going to embrace her inner fairy and then she’s going to dump Bill, because he went along with Russell’s plan to drain her. She has to venture to fairy land to regain her light. In the end, she saves Eric. She also learns how to control and use her light.

Eric Northman

Eric fries Russell Edgington outside of Fangtasia, but only at the last minute does he run over to the door and get himself in. Thus, he locks Russell out, who is still handcuffed to him. Russell dies. Eric lives. Pam is not made a rich vampire in his absence. We see Eric cursed and naked, with amnesia…Sookie finds him and saves the day.

Bill Compton

Destined to be a lonely vampire, for eternity and does not get to drink Sookie’s “delectable” blood anymore.

Jason Stackhouse

Jason heads off to Hot Shot to bust the were-panters for drugs. In the end, he gets nabbed by them and Crystal tries to save him. He gets turned into one of them or a werewolf in the process.

Russell Edgington

Dead as a doornail. Next.

Queen Sophie Anne

Usurps Russell’s land and makes the Louisiana and Mississippi territories hers. She doesn’t get into any trouble for selling V because there’s no Magister to deal out a proper punishment.

What do you think is going to happen this Sunday???

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