True Blood Season Five Spoilers!

True Blood Season Five Spoilers!

If you’ve been left reeling from the season four finale of True Blood, then we’ve got new spoilers for the fifth season of the show that ought to ease the sucky feeling of waiting.

WARNING: This post contains obvious spoilers for the fifth season of True Blood. If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t click the “more” link.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the hit vampire show is going to introduce some new blood into its next season. Co-executive producer Raelle Tucker said, “There will be a very significant, strong, mysterious woman at the center of one of our main stories next year. That will be a very familiar and compelling character. It may be someone you’ve heard of before.”

Raelle revealed, “Season five will explore more fairies, new fairies, fairies in a way you haven’t really seen fairies. We will all, as well as Sookie, come to understand fairies more than in previous seasons.”

The guy, Patrick, who visited Terry at Merlotte’s will be bringing some trouble with him for Terry and Arlene. Raelle said, “His arc has to do with Terry’s past coming back to haunt Bon Temps and Arlene and their life they’re trying to set up together.”

Also, the wolf that was growling at Sam in the end of the episode is “someone you have never met before.” Interesting. Reportedly, it may be Alcide’s father, Jackson Herveaux.

Raelle also said that Russell Edgington isn’t over and done with. She said, “Russell is not dead. It’s safe to assume the King of Mississippi is not gone for good.”

And what about Steve Newlin’s vampire return, when he showed up on Jason’s doorstep? She said, “I will say that Steve’s reason for returning to Jason is not at all what you expect.”

With regard to Sookie’s romances, Raelle said, “While there will always be romance in Sookie’s life, Sookie at the moment is choosing herself over all of them. I think that will continue to play into season five.”

Of course, we had to know what happens to Bill and Eric now that they’ve taken out Nan Flanagan. Raelle revealed, “The consequences of their actions in the finale are going to chase them for a while next year.”

Are you bummed that we’re going to have to wait a year before season five makes its premiere?


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