True Blood’s Sixth Season Premieres On June 16, 2013

True Blood's Sixth Season Premieres On June 16, 2013

HBO’s hit vampire drama “True Blood” has set an official date to return to the network. The vampire show will be making its season six return to HBO on June 16, 2013! Are you excited? We are — because #WaitingSucks!

To give you a quick recap of the things that went down in season five, read below:

Eric Northman staked Russell Edgington and he met the true death. Luna skinwalks ass Sam and Sam ends up shifting into a fly. He flies into Roslyn’s mouth and explodes her from the inside. Alcide dopes himself up on V and kills the packmaster J.D. Bill poisons and then stakes Salome. Morella births four fairy/human hybrid babies and gives them to their father Andy. Pam and Tara are going to hook up. Jason mentions the name Warlow and Nora acknowledges it. Bill drank Lilith’s blood and has now become “Billith”.

Season six spoilers:

Reportedly, the show is bringing in a Jim Morrison-like character, instead of Bubba/Elvis. Sad face. There isn’t going to be a storyline for Quinn (that we know of). The show is introducing Sookie and Jason’s great-grandfather Niall.

Will you be tuning in for “True Blood” when it makes it sixth season premiere on June 16, 2013?

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