Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Evil Queen Regina And Robin Hood News

Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Evil Queen Regina And Robin Hood News

If you’re as big a fan of “Once Upon A Time” as we are, then you are grasping for every little piece of information with regard to the show. We are definitely fans of the possible storyline that could be going down between the Evil Queen Regina and her true love Robin Hood. Is there a possible romance in store for them? We’re guessing there is always that possibility because she has always wanted to be a mother and he has a child without a mother — so they would fit together perfectly.

She also remembers what Tink told her about her true love when she pointed out the man with the tattoo. Now that Regina knows who he is, will there be sparks?

Michael Ausiello from “TV Line” has the scoop:

Alas, as you saw this week, now that Regina has spied Robin’s tell-tale tat, she will keep her fated soul mate at forearm’s length. Explaining her reaction to that reveal, Once cocreator Eddy Kitsis says, “Regina has a very hard time being happy. It frightens her. And she has spent so much time suppressing things, that when she faces them she’s not sure how to react. So for us, its about wanting to explore when and how will Regina open her heart, and to whom.”

Do you think that Regina will open her heart to Robin and get her happy ending? Hit the comments and have your say.

The Amazing Race Recap 3/30/14: Season 24 Episode 6

The Amazing Race Recap 3/30/14: Season 24 Episode 6

Tonight on CBS was an all new ALL-STARS episode of the hit show “The Amazing Race”. Last week, when we last left the racers, Phil ended up eliminating Margie and Luke. The mother and son team couldn’t make it past the airport in order to catch a plane in time. Thus, they ended up leaving in the morning when all of the other racers were already completed with their tasks.

On tonight’s show, the remaining seven racers start off in Sri Lanka. Out first in the sixth leg are Dave and Connor. They are making their way to the Dutch Museum via tuck-tuck. Country singers Caroline and Jennifer are second to depart and are fighting every step of the way. Jet and Cord are third to depart and are feeling their sense of competition. Leo and Jamal are fourth to leave and are on their way. The Dutch Museum doesn’t open until 8:30 AM and the playing field is now equal.

Team are making their way to Alawwa, Sri Lanka via train. Once there, they must make their way to Ceypetco fuel station where they’ll find their next clue. In Alawwa, the racers find a roadblock with the clue: “Who wants to fill ‘er up?” In this roadblock, racers must find four tuck-tucks with the colors in the window matching the ones they’ve pulled inside the gas station and fill them up at the station. Rachel didn’t understand the clue because she was filling up the green tuck-tucks instead of paying attention to the colored tags in the windows.

Rachel filled up four green cars and can’t figure out what she did wrong. It’s utter chaos and Big Easy finishes first after John tells Rachel that she’s not finding the right colored cars. Teams are to make their way to Rambukkana and then take a tuck-tuck to the Millennium Elephant Foundation. There, they must search the river for their next clue. Out next are the Afghanimals, followed by Jet and Cord and Dave and Connor. Caroline and Jennifer are out next with Brandon and Rachel in last place. They sprint for the train and make it on right before the train departs.

It’s a Detour: “Trunk or Sheets”. In “Trunk”, racers have to attach a chain to the elephant to carry three logs for each racer to a truck. After they get six logs there, they will receive their next clue. In “Sheets”, racers are making environmentally friendly paper out of elephant dung. After making five sheets of paper and laying them out to dry, racers will receive their next clue.

Racers must make their way to the Ambepussa Rest House to find the wise man for their next clue. There, they listen to a man playing the flute to get their next clue. They must travel by taxi to Mount Lavinia Hotel Beach to check in at the pit stop. Jet and Cord are first out, followed by Leo and Jamal. Will it be a foot race?

Jennifer and Caroline are in last place on the tails of Brendan and Rachel. It’s a taxi passing war between the Cowboys and the Afghanimals. The Afghanimals beat the Cowboys in a foot race to the pit stop. As winners of this leg of the race, the Afghanimals get a five-night trip from Travelocity to Berlin, Germany.

In third place are Jessica and John, followed by fourth place going to Dave and Connor. In fifth place are Brendan and Rachel with Flight Time and Big Easy in sixth place. The last team to arrive were Caroline and Jennifer — but this is a non-elimination leg of the race. In the next leg, the ladies will have to complete a speedbump, but they vow not to give up.

Who are you rooting for to win this season of “The Amazing Race”? Hit the comments and have your say below!

The Walking Dead Season Finale Recap 3/30/14: “A”

The Walking Dead Season Finale Recap 3/30/14: "A"

This is the moment we were all waiting for, the season four finale of the hit AMC series “The Walking Dead”. This episode is titled “A” and is sure to shock and awe all of the show’s fans. As we have previously speculated, it is going to be a bloodbath. Without further ado, we give you our very own recap of the zombie apocalypse show. Are you excited? Welcome to Terminus, says Mary, as she offers up a plate to our favorite characters from the prison. What will happen next? READ ON…..

As always, this post contains obvious spoilers for the season finale episode of “The Walking Dead”. Please stop reading now if you do not wish to know what goes on in the show….

The show kicks off with a flashback to life at the prison and then we snap back to the present with a bloodied Rick on the side of the road next to a truck. Where’s Carl and Michonne?

After the commercial break, we see all three of them together making something to eat over a fire. They are apparently heading to Terminus. They hear a scream for help and Carl goes running. Rick holds Carl back as a man gets eaten alive by zombies.

We flashback once again to a prison scene featuring Hershel and then back again to the three muskateers fighting off zombies on the way to Terminus. While talking later by the campfire, Joe’s group finds Rick and puts a gun to his head. Joe starts counting down to killing him and Daryl intervenes on Rick’s behalf. Joe informs Daryl that Rick strangled Lou in the bathroom and Daryl offers Joe his own blood. Joe instructs the guys to beat Daryl and Rick takes responsibility for Lou’s death. Joe shoots near Rick’s ear causing his ears to ring and mayhem breaks loose. Joe pins Rick and Rick bites his neck. Michonne shoots one guy and Rick gets a hold of the guy who was beating Carl and cuts him from navel to neck. The “Claimed” guys are no more.

We flashback to more words of wisdom from Hershel about how Carl should be brought up. Back to the present, Rick is outside with Daryl and Carl and Michonne are together in the truck. Daryl tells Rick that he got out with Beth, but she is “just gone”. They talk about how Daryl got mixed up with those guys and how they were looking for “some guy”. Now, all four of them are on the train tracks, perhaps on their way to Terminus? They opt to take the way through the woods because they don’t know the type of people who reside at Terminus. They get there and scout the place out.

Michonne precedes to tell Carl about how Andre died and how Mike and Terry were high when they got turned. She made them her zombie pets by cutting out their mouths so they couldn’t bite or scratch.

Outside of Terminus’ gates, Rick buries their satchel of weapons and they all go in with guns blazing. They are greeted by Gareth who instructs them to put their weapons down so they can get frisked. They go through that and get their weapons back. Mary offers them up a plate of food and Rick takes one of the guys and puts a gun to his head because he notices Hershel’s watch, the riot gear and the poncho. Gareth made a sign with his hands to start shooting and the four of them start running for an exit.

In what looks like a gymnasium, there are candles everywhere and names on the floor. The walls say “we first, always”. Outside, they run past a collection of bloodied human remains and then they get cornered by some shooters and the gunfire stops. Gareth instructs Rick to go into the train car, followed by the archer and the samarai. Afterward, they tell Carl to go as well. In the container, they see Glen, Maggie, Abraham, Eugene and the others.

Rick tells the group that the others aren’t going to be happy when they find out that they’re screwing with the wrong people.

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Once Upon A Time Recap 3/30/14: Quiet Minds

Once Upon A Time Recap 3/30/14: Quiet Minds

Sunday night on ABC was an all new episode of the hit show “Once Upon A Time” titled “Quiet Minds”. We are excited to bring you the details of this episode, in case you’ve missed it! Are you ready for more Wicked?!?

Tonight in “Quiet Minds”, we’ve learned exactly how Rumpelstiltskin AKA The Dark One was able to return to Storybrooke. Bae unknowing of the price to bring his father back, went with Belle to the forest with the help of Lumiere, to open the Dark One’s cavern. Little to Bae’s knowledge, but the price of bringing back Rumpelstiltskin was his own life.

In this episode, the Evil Queen Regina gets closer to Robin of Loxley as she remembers back to the time when Tinkerbell told her of her happy ending with the man with the lion tattoo.

We’re still left wondering exactly what Zelena wanted with Snow’s baby and why she wants control over the Dark One. Now that the cat is out of the bag about who the Wicked Witch is, what will the Savior, along with the rest of Storybrooke, do?

What did you think of tonight’s episode of the show? Are you looking forward to next week’s showdown between the Wicked Witch and the Evil Queen? Have your say in the comments section below!

Stephen Colbert Denies Racist Twitter Message; Receives Backlash

Stephen Colbert Denies Racist Twitter Message; Receives Backlash

Comedy Central comedian Stephen Colbert has come under fire after a tweet from “The Colbert Report” took something out of context and made a whole lot of people feel butthurt. The show tweeted Thursday, “I am willing to show the #Asian community I care by introducing the Ching Chong Ding Dong Foundation for Sensitivity to Orientals or Whatever.”

The tweet was actually a reference to the show he did on Wednesday which was poking fun at Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder. Snyder announced that there would be a foundation to help Native Americans because people are upset over the team’s name.

The Twitter message enraged people all over the world. One wrote, “Et tu, Stephen? Not funny. It doesn’t prove your point. It makes you ‘no better’ than the racists. … #cancelcolbert.”

Another shared, “#CancelColbert Satire to make fun of racists isn’t supposed to be hurtful to those who are affected by racism, or you’re doing it wrong.”

To that, the comedian took to his official Twitter account to say, “#CancelColbert – I agree! Just saw @ColbertReport tweet. I share your rage. Who is that, though? I’m @StephenAtHome.”

Afterward the show tweeted, “For the record @ColbertReport is not controlled by Stephen Colbert or his show. He is @StephenAtHome Sorry for the confusion #CancelColbert This is a Comedy Central account, with no oversight from Stephen/show. Here is quoted line in context http://on.cc.com/1dyeQri #cancelcolbert.”

And there you have it!