Twiggy Ramirez returns to Marilyn Manson for 2008 tour

Marilyn Manson

Twiggy Ramirez
has returned to Marilyn Manson after splitting over creative differences in 2000. Manson cites the way Robert Plant and Jimmy Page looked at each other in a zen moment at their London gig and realized he wanted that again with Twiggy. They had a chance meeting in L.A. and Manson called Twiggy and said, “Let’s go do this” and invited him to tour this year with the band again.

Manson said they started music together to bring about the apocalypse and realized they still had work to do.

I love Manson’s music, here’s just hoping they don’t try to tour with the likes of Slayer again. Stay on your end of the spectrum, guys.

Twiggy Ramirez returns to Marilyn Manson for 2008 tour was last modified: July 1st, 2015 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • Mike B

    Twiggy & Manson back together again.
    These shows will be sick.
    Manson shows are intense for all ages.
    Dads bring the Kiddies this one is a Don’t Miss.
    See Ya’ Tuesday @ The Hammerstein. NYC.

    Mike B from Rutherford NJ..

  • trish

    i just saw them together last friday in dallas and holy shit the apocalypse is coming!!!!

  • Ian

    Hey Marile Mason you are GAY

    • doppelherz8mm


      long live Manson

  • sena

    allah korkusu olur lan bi insanda ruh hastaları sizi.. lan ölüp geberceksiniz ÅŸeytan korumucak sizleri gerizekalılar.. abuk subuk götten bacak ÅŸeylere inanıyosunuz.. ananı bacını babanı kesiosun. olum sen esrar kullancaına bi psikiyatristlere görün yaa.. göt herif..allah belanı wercek senin pezevenk manson…

  • keith

    this is 4 Twiggy Ramirez how r u doing & yr girlfrieand what is new. this is keith & katherine. & her daughter say hi

  • Bianca

    i cant wait for the high end of low to come out in oz!!! twiggy and manson are INCREDIBLE together, they are just ment to play together!! i REALLY REALLY hope they come to Australia on tour!!!