Two And A Half Men ‘Nine Magic Fingers’ Recap 10/10/11

Two And A Half Men 'Nine Magic Fingers' Recap 10/10/11

The episode opens up with Alan drinking some coffee and Berta comes in from a power walk on the beach. She says that she can see why his brother couldn’t pry him out of the place with the jaws of life, it’s because Malibu is the greatest place to wake up to in the morning.

Alan says that she’s enjoying his room. She said, “I say this with love — it was never your room.” Walden walks into the kitchen and asks Berta if he missed their power walk. She tells him that she tried to cuddle him awake, but he wasn’t interested.

Walden asks Alan how the house hunting is going and Alan tells him that he’s still looking, but there’s not a lot available. Berta says, “Maybe that’s because you’re looking in the Sports section.”

Walden tells Alan not to worry and he can stay there as long as he needs to. Alan says a few more days, maybe even a week tops. Alan asks Walden about having an overnight guest. He is having dinner tonight with someone he used to be in a relationship with and might want to bring her back there to “reconcile”.

Walden asks if she’s homeless too. He explains that his friend has a teenage son and he’s not keen on him hearing them. Walden gives him the okay and says he sure wishes he could reconcile with Bridget.

Alan tells him to give it time because it took months for Lindsey to forgive him. Walden asks what she had to forgive him for. Alan says he called her a slut because he thought she was sleeping with his brother and he accidentally burned down her house — but not in that order.

Walden asks Berta if Alan is going to move out at some point. Berta rubs his head and says, “You are so cute.”

Alan takes Lindsey out for dinner and she says she’s sorry to hear about his brother. He’s telling her that Charlie was either pushed or jumped in front of the train, but the end result is that it was Charlie Tar Tar. He said they had to sell the house in Malibu, so she asks where he’s living. He replies that he’s living in the house in Malibu. He tells her about Walden and his divorce and how he bought the house.

At the Malibu house, Berta is greeted by a guest with beer, a bucket of chicken and “nine magic fingers.” Walden asks her what’s going on and she says that she’s going to get drunk, eat some chicken and rock this old man’s world. Walden says he’s got ten fingers and a billion dollars and this guy is getting more action than him.

Walden Skypes Bridget and she tells him that they’re getting a divorce and he needs to get some friends and get a life. He says that he doesn’t want a life or friends and that he only wants her.

In walks Alan and Lindsey kissing and Walden interrupts them. Alan says he’s sorry and he didn’t know that he was still up. Alan introduces them and Lindsey talks to him about his divorce. She asks if he’s just sitting around feeling sorry for himself. He says no and that sometimes he lays down and curls up in a ball. All the while, Alan is trying to get her away from him and up to the bedroom.

Lindsey tells Walden that he needs to get out there and find someone who appreciates all he has to offer. He says he doesn’t want anybody else and she tells him that’s because he hasn’t found that special someone. She’s hitting on him and Alan’s trying to get him to go out looking for a girl. After Berta’s guest comes out, looking for the plunger, he says that he’s going to a bar.

Later on, we see Alan and Lindsey in bed together. Walden interrupts them to say that he’s found Ms. Right. It turns out that the woman is the one who almost married Charlie and the one who went to jail for being a con artist. She tells Alan that he has to warn Walden before he gets in too deep.

They are in the kitchen talking dirty when they get interrupted by Alan. Walden thanks him for making him go out and said that he would’ve never met Courtney. Alan said, “One way or another, she would’ve found you.”

Walden offers to double-date with Alan and Lindsey in a fancy restaurant, his treat. Alan agrees. Courtney asks Alan if he wants to watch her and Walden having sex, he says no and she tells him that he better get out quick.

Jake walks in and sees Courtney spray tanning herself out on the patio. Alan walks in on them talking and tells Jake to give them some privacy. Alan tells Courtney to leave Walden alone and that he’s not ready for someone like her. He says that she’s created a lifestyle by sponging off of wealthy men.

At dinner, Walden is being babied by Courtney and Lindsey is having none of it for Alan. Walden asks Courtney to move in with him because he wants to be with her all the time. She tells him to slow down and Alan echoes that statement. She says that’s sweet, but asks if there’s room for her and what about Alan? Walden says that Alan is moving out, right? Alan says right. She says she’s not the type to move in with a guy after one night. He says, “Please” and she agrees.

Alan comments to Lindsey that he needs to find a new place to live and she says, “Yeah, good luck with that.”

The next morning, Alan is in the kitchen drinking coffee and Courtney walks in. She asks where Lindsey is and Alan tells her that she couldn’t sleep so she went home. She asked why and he tells her that it was basically their noise that kept her up.

Alan invited Bridget over and he told her that Walden’s been in trouble. Courtney comes in and says, “I’m the trouble that Walden’s been in – repeatedly.” Alan introduces them. Walden comes downstairs and asks Bridget what she’s doing there. She said that Alan called and told her that he was doing something stupid and she just met her.

Bridget says that just because she doesn’t live with him, it doesn’t mean she wants him to be taken to the cleaners by Botox Barbie. Courtney is trying to get him to go upstairs. Bridget tells him that if he goes with her, she’ll never talk to him again. Berta says that they should both hold out a treat and see which one he goes to.

Walden tells Bridget that he loves having a life and sharing his dreams with her. He tells Courtney that he loves burying his head in her breasts and motorboating them. Courtney says it’s not about the sex or the money and that she wants to be with him and take care of him.

Bridget offers Courtney a check for $50,000 to leave him alone. Courtney seems offended that Bridget thinks she can buy her off. Bridget said that her real name is Sylvia Fishman and she’s wanted in three states for fraud, forgery and money laundering. She snatches up the check and tells Walden bye and that it was fun.

Out on the patio, Walden is telling Alan that he should beware and that there are women out there that will be nice to him for his money. Alan says, “Thanks, but that’s not high on my list of concerns.”

Walden says that Bridget still wants a divorce and Alan tells him that she obviously still cares about him. Walden tells Alan that he has a home there for as long as he wants. He says that he likes having someone there that he can trust. Berta walks out there and says that she knew he would weasel his way back in and that she’s outta there. Walden asks if she’s quitting and she says no, but she’s moving back home and she’ll be back on Monday.

Alan can have his old room back, and Walden told him to make sure that the nine fingered man is gone. Just as he comments that things are working out for him, he starts to choke on some popcorn.

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