Two And A Half Men Recap Season 9 Episode 12 ‘One False Move, Zimbabwe!’ 12/12/11

Two And A Half Men Recap Season 9 Episode 12 ‘One False Move, Zimbabwe!’ 12/12/11

Tonight’s episode of Two And A Half Men airs tonight at 9PM EST on CBS. The new episode is titled, One False Move, Zimbabwe! and will show Ashton Kutcher’s character, Walden Schmidt, introducing his girlfriend, Zoey, to his mother, Robin, who is played by Mimi Rogers. Excellent casting!

Apparently, Alan really has a thing for Robin! Ha. This ought to get interesting! If you’ve missed the preview and synopsis for tonight’s show, you can check that out here.

I seriously hope that they bring back Rose and her shenanigans! Bridget really seemed to want Walden back, but he had since moved on with Zoey. I thought they might have had her around as a rebound for Walden, because he was so attached to Bridget. But, he let her go when he tossed his gazillion dollar wedding ring into the ocean.

What do you want to see happen on tonight’s show?!? Are you still hoping and praying that they find a way to bring Charlie Harper back? Sound off in the comments!

Stay tuned for the recap, we will be covering the show live, as it airs, on our sister site, Tragicomical!

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  • Christian

    The last two episodes of TAAHM were all about Walden–perhaps an attempt to add some depth to his character, or maybe to open the doors to a number of possible plot lines. One thing is certain, the “Zimbabwe” episode was unlike anything I have seen on the show so far. I didn’t find it very funny, but the writing was much more original than anything the new season has offered so far. There wasn’t much of Jake on the episode. That is unfortunate, but less-is-more when it comes to Alan as far as I am concerned. That isn’t the fault of the new season, however. I have been sick of the whiny, miserly and wimpy Alan Harper for many seasons! This wasn’t Two and a Half Men as I knew it, but it was a watchable show. Maybe the name of the show can be changed to “Apeman Kelso gets stuck with annoying room mate.”