Two And A Half Men Season 9 Episode 1 Questions

Two And A Half Men Season 9 Episode 1 Questions

Now that Ashton Kutcher has officially made his debut on Two And A Half Men, we had to take a hard look at the show’s premiere episode. I was taken aback at how many cracks they laid out at Charlie’s expense!

Firstly, when starting off with the funeral, no one really seems to be mourning their loss. Instead, Charlie’s ex-girlfriends are all there, making cracks about how he gave them STDs. His mother is there to stop the cracks, but jokes seriously about selling his house. Is there no respect?!? For a funeral service, it seems more dependent on the jokes that they can make, instead of mourning a brother, a son and an uncle for the show’s characters.

The show continues to lay on the disrespect to Charlie’s character by having Alan vacuum up his brother with a dust buster.

We know that Charlie Sheen really rubbed the show’s creator, Chuck Lorre, the wrong way during his meltdown, but these people are expecting the viewing public to believe that this family wouldn’t adequately mourn the loss of his character?!? Are they that heartless to think that would just vacuum up his brother’s remains? Yes, it’s a comedy, but there’s no time for that really when dealing with a funeral scene. Right?!?

Still, the show’s new character, Walden Schmidt, appears on the balcony of Charlie’s old house. Out of the blue! Couldn’t they think of a better way to work Walden in there?

Prior to that, they had John Stamos looking at Charlie’s place and then he basically called Charlie gay.

From tonight’s episode, if never having watched the show, here’s what I would think about it:

Charlie Harper’s family really sucks. They try to sell his house at the funeral and his own brother vacuums up his ashes with a dust buster. Alan seems to care more about his new friend Walden than he did his own brother. Charlie’s ex-girlfriends have no class and tell everyone about the diseases he spread to them. Rose said he proposed, she said yes, and then she found him the hotel room with another woman. So on top of all the abuse they’ve already hurled at Charlie, he’s a cheater, as well. In addition to that, he also had no money in his estate, and three mortgages on the beach house. So he’s broke, too?!?

Did Chuck Lorre think to give Charlie’s character any redeeming qualities in his final moments in their lives? This episode was not believable, unless they wanted us to believe that Charlie lived with a bunch of douchebags who only cared about his house.

What did you think of their exit for Charlie’s character? How about Walden’s entrance? Did you buy it at all?

To recap, the show basically showed that Charlie is a diseased, cheating, broke and gay womanizer. What did you think of all of that? Were you saddened by their portrayal of Charlie at his funeral or afterward? What did you think of Walden’s weird entrance? Could they have done better? Did Charlie deserve better? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

UPDATE: It’s being reported that Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife, Denise Richards, was offered $100,000 to appear at his character’s funeral. Should she have done it?

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