Two And A Half Men Season 9 Episode 12 ‘One False Move, Zimbabwe!’ Preview Video

Two And A Half Men Season 9 Episode 12 'One False Move, Zimbabwe!' Preview Video

It’s an all new episode of CBS’ show Two And A Half Men tonight at 9PM EST! This episode is titled, One False Move, Zimbabwe! and we’ve got the synopsis and preview video right here, for your viewing pleasure.

If you’ve missed last week’s show, titled, What A Lovely Landing Strip, you can read what we had to say here.

From the preview video, it appears that Walden is still keeping his British girlfriend, Zoey, around, after pulling some strings to get her into a private school.


Episode synopsis:

Walden’s mother visits, dropping a secret about him as well as leaving Alan smitten. Mimi Rogers guest stars as Walden’s mother, Robin.

In this episode, Walden gives Berta a Christmas kiss. Walden has Zoey over for dinner with Alan and she thinks he’s the “woman” that he doesn’t want her to meet. Obviously, it’s his mother, Robin, who Alan is likely to end up falling for.

And Mimi Rogers is playing Ashton’s mother! This might be the best guest starring role ever on the show. Besides, of course, Joe Manganiello. But — we are left wondering after last week’s episode if Bridget will take lessons from Rose on how to bring the crazy in trying to get Walden back.

Stay tuned for the live recap!

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