Two And A Half Men Season 9 Episode 7 ‘Those Fancy Japanese Toilets’ Recap 10/31/11

Two And A Half Men Season 9 Episode 7 ‘Those Fancy Japanese Toilets’ Recap 10/31/11

Tonight on CBS, is an all new episode of the ninth season of Two And A Half Men, episode seven, titled, Those Fancy Japanese Toilets. According to the official synopsis, Jake has a crush on his chemistry tutor, who has a crush on Walden. Meanwhile, Alan obsesses over the journal his brother left him in his will. Also of note, is Walden sleeping with Alan’s mother!

Now that Jake and Alan have uncovered what Walden has been up to, will they be able to get rid of him? Stay tuned as we cover the show with the recap…but would you like to see Walden Schmidt out of the equation on the show? Are you still clamoring for them to bring Charlie Sheen’s character back?

The show opens with Alan’s mother coming in telling him how she can’t imagine how he’s been able to stay in that house. She tells him that she got a call from Charlie’s bank and that he had a safety deposit box. She hands him Charlie’s journal and reiterates that there was no cash in the box.

She tells Alan that he’s her favorite — now only son…but she sees Walden and goes to him. Walden is outside, taking off his surfer’s suit. He tells her that he’s looking for an interior designer and she hands him her card. He tells her what he’s looking for and she says that he’s in good hands.

Alan is reading through Charlie’s journal and Berta asks if he’s thinking about publishing it. She’s doing her own Charlie memoir, called Manwhore.

Jake is study chemistry with his classmate, Megan, and makes a lame comment about wanting to study their chemistry. She says it’s lame, but when Walden says the same thing, she calls him clever. Jake tells Alan that Walden has to go because he’s stealing his girlfriend.

Alan’s mother walks in with some books and she tells him that she’s helping Walden redecorate. Walden tells Evelyn to come upstairs because there’s some stuff he wants her to do there. He asks her for marble countertops, a steam shower and one of those fancy Japanese toilets that streams water into his tushy. He takes her into the bedroom and tells her he wants cooler stuff.

Evelyn sits down on the bed and asks what kind of women he’s attracted to. He said his wife, women who look like his wife and Ellen DeGeneres.

The next morning, Alan is in the kitchen reading more of Charlie’s journal. He wrote that Alan’s kid is cute and that there’s no way he’s Alan’s kid.

Jake and Megan are studying again and she’s wearing a tight dress. Jake tells her that she looks pretty and she says that she’s there to study. Walden comes down and she stands up to greet him. She asks where he’s going. He tells her that he’s going furniture shopping with Jake’s grandmother. She says that she loves furniture and grandmas, but he says, “Cool, see ya.”

Jake starts to protest, but then she sits down and kisses him. She grabs him by the hand and says they are going to his room.

Walden is leaving to go meet Alan’s mother and Alan tells him that she’s the mother of all cougars. Walden says not to worry and that he’s not going to hook up with his mother. After they get done furniture shopping, Walden walks Evelyn to her door. She invites him in for a drink and he declines. She asks if he thinks she’s hitting on him and he said that Alan warned him that she’s an uber cougar. She says Alan is imagining things and she has no carnal designs on him whatsoever. He comes in for a drink.

Cut to the bedroom, where they’re both laying in bed. He asks if she’s going to tell Alan and she says that she’s going to tell everyone.

Alan reads more of Charlie’s journal and discovers that he loved him. Earlier, Alan was commenting on his mother’s men’s Cartier watch and she called it a knock-off. In his journal, Charlie mentions the watch saying that he’s keeping it in the safety deposit box.

Jake walks Megan out and says, “That was great, thank you so much!” He shakes her hand as she leaves. Walden tries to sneak into the kitchen and runs into Alan at the table. Alan asks how things went with his mom and he says, “Fine.” Walden tells him all of the things they went shopping for and says, “Good night” and leaves quickly. Alan says, “Oh yeah, she did him.”

As Jake is coming back in, he sees Walden and Walden asks how he’s doing. He said, “Fantastic, I love you man” and hugs him.

Walden walks upstairs saying, “What an affectionate family.”

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