Two And A Half Men Season 9 Episode 9 Questions – ‘Frodo’s Headshots’

Two And A Half Men Season 9 Episode 9 Questions – ‘Frodo's Headshots’

After watching last night’s episode of Two And A Half Men, titled Frodo’s Headshots, I had some thoughts to share — and some questions. In case you’ve missed the show, you can read our official recap here.

Brief Show Summary:

Alan is getting out of the hospital only to find that Jake is going to be a father, he’s getting audited by the IRS and Walden stole his girlfriend, Lindsey. If that wasn’t bad enough, Herb had a DNA test done on his daughter Millie, only to find that she’s actually Alan’s kid. Herb shoots him just as he was about to have sex with what he referred to as “Jessica Rabbit”. Then, he wakes up to find it was all a dream.


If they can show a dream sequence like this one, can they not make Charlie’s death a huge dream?

If Jake really did get Megan pregnant, they could have a son and axe Walden’s character and it would still be “two and a half men”, technically, wouldn’t it?

Are you as tired of the sex jokes as I am? Seriously, a show can be funny without so much of it. Don’t you think?

Is Walden that stupid to program all of his stuff so that Alan can’t access it, even though he knew he was returning home?

Can Ashton Kutcher really carry this show?

Will Two And A Half Men see a season ten? What do you think? Is it time to put that puppy to bed? Sound off in the comments below!

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