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Justin Willis Breakdown:
Willis is moving up the ranking and maintains his underrated tag. Though he looks to hold a lot of extra weight he is one of the more athletic heavyweights. On the feet he’s fast hands and will certainly have an adequate advantage over Curtis Blaydes, whose stand-up continues to appear rigid and predictable. Willis has not yet been analyzed in the takedown department but trains with superior wrestlers such as DC and Cain. Having a complete camp preparing for Blaydes, we expect him to at least be competitive in this region to keep the fight standing for considerable time. Blaydes struggled to takedown southpaw fighters in the past and the size of Willis should be of further aid. Together with the odds presented, the value is located with the underdog in a stylistic battle that could pose many opportunities.John Makdessi Breakdown:
Makdessi has rather good stand-up and impenetrable takedown defense. He appears to be a couple of degrees above his opponent Jesus Pinedo, who is relatively inexperienced and awkward about the toes. He favours flashy kicks but his lack of footwork leaves him open to be countered and crowded. Makdessi has a higher volume and will be able to consistently land on Pinedo. Since moving to a top rated new camp that he appears rejuvenated and appeared very impressive in recent excursions. The encounter advantage for Makdessi is enormous and the only obvious way to eliminate this one is by getting clipped with a wild kick. The pick is Makdessi.
Bet = Makdessi at 1.38 (-260) chances. Risk 4 Units to win 1.52 Units.
Frankie Saenz Breakdown:
Saenz is getting older but nonetheless possesses a style to provide his competitor trouble. He relies on his wrestling and anxiety to fasten rounds while his standup is serviceable. Vera is a wild fighter who’s frequently losing struggles till he finds a comeback win. He’s obviously dangerous but when he cant find the finish the struggle will quickly slip away. Vera will have the youth and speed advantage but Saenz will be the one securing rounds with volume and takedowns against a fighter who fights his back. The experience advantage for Saenz will be a large factor against this kind of fighter. Saenz will need to steer clear of submissions but a route to success for the underdog is clear.
Bet = Saenz in 2.45 (+145) odds. Risk 3 Units to acquire 4.35 Units.
Chris Gutierrez Breakdown:
Gutierrez looks to have his opponent outmatched in just about any aspect for this matchup. He’s got the exceptional striking skills, more recognized grappling and takedown defense. Additionally the level of opposition he’s experienced far surpasses Macdonald who has mostly faced fighters with losing records. Macdonald may be undefeated but he has struggled against these lesser fighters and had a few very close fights go to conclusion. His one positive appears to be toughness as he recovers well from being lost. We like the favorite to get this one completed.
Bet = Gutierrez in 1.4 (-250) odds. Risk 4 Units to win 1.6 Units.
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