Univision’s ‘Sabado Gigante’ Is Ending After 53 Seasons On The Air

Univision's 'Sabado Gigante' Is Ending After 53 Seasons On The Air

Univision decided to end the longest running of all Spanish-language variety series after 53 seasons of being on the air. This weekly variety series will wrap up its very long life on television by having its very last episode on September 19, 2015. The network did make the announcement on Friday that it was cancelling Sabado Gigante and Univision hasn’t given the reason or reasons behind wanting to up and cancel it. Univision’s Sabado Gigante is hosted by the Chilean actor Mario Kreuzberger. However, he does call himself Don Francisco on the series.

Despite the fact that Sabado Gigante has the honor and distinction of being the longest running of all variety shows on television. Just why the show is being cancelled after so very long does indeed pose a mystery and is something worthy of an answer. Nonetheless, no answers are forthcoming from the powers that be who decided to cancel it out of the blue. So, with this said, all one can do now is wonder why such a long-running show is being shelved. There has to be an answer for this.

Univision’s Sabado Gigante is certainly a television show that has definitely earned its very long celebrity status, despite the cancellation of the show, which was a very successful blend of talents shows along with other ingredients. What were these other ingredients? They were no other than sketch comedy, dance contests, and also beauty pageants. Sabado Gigante was certainly a giant in its own right and will be missed by many who have come to love and appreciate this show for what is in essence. What it is, and will continue to be, is a show that is blessed with lots of entertainment.

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