Once Upon A Time Recap: It’s Back To Storybrooke!

Once Upon A Time Recap: It's Back To Storybrooke!

Once Upon A Time is getting closer to the season finale and things are heating up on the ABC hit show. The savior and company were in Neverland in order to save Henry from Peter Pan’s evil clutches.

On the show last time, Pan captured his son Rumpelstiltskin in Pandora’s Box so that he could get the heart of the truest believer, Henry. This week, Pan had Emma, Snow and Regina trapped by a tree of regrets. Regina has no regrets for her actions, so she was quickly sprung from its grasp.

Regina snatched back Henry’s heart and put it back in his body — but didn’t realize that it was actually Pan’s heart. Pan switched hearts right after trying to rip Henry’s shadow from his body.

With the lost boys in tow, everyone boarded the Jolly Roger for Storybrooke. Also, we get some back story on how Regina came to adopt Henry. She went to Mr. Gold after learning that adoption could take two years. He procured her a child, one of whom she learned is a descendant of those who she hates the most. After trying to take him back to the agency, she couldn’t let him go. It’s funny because here we learn that Wendy’s brothers were the next in line to try and adopt him.

Did you watch Sunday’s episode of the show? If so, leave us a comment with your thoughts on it — below.

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