Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Evil Queen Regina And Robin Hood News

Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Evil Queen Regina And Robin Hood News

If you’re as big a fan of “Once Upon A Time” as we are, then you are grasping for every little piece of information with regard to the show. We are definitely fans of the possible storyline that could be going down between the Evil Queen Regina and her true love Robin Hood. Is there a possible romance in store for them? We’re guessing there is always that possibility because she has always wanted to be a mother and he has a child without a mother — so they would fit together perfectly.

She also remembers what Tink told her about her true love when she pointed out the man with the tattoo. Now that Regina knows who he is, will there be sparks?

Michael Ausiello from “TV Line” has the scoop:

Alas, as you saw this week, now that Regina has spied Robin’s tell-tale tat, she will keep her fated soul mate at forearm’s length. Explaining her reaction to that reveal, Once cocreator Eddy Kitsis says, “Regina has a very hard time being happy. It frightens her. And she has spent so much time suppressing things, that when she faces them she’s not sure how to react. So for us, its about wanting to explore when and how will Regina open her heart, and to whom.”

Do you think that Regina will open her heart to Robin and get her happy ending? Hit the comments and have your say.

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