Vampire Diaries Spoiler Alert!

Vampire Diaries Spoiler Alert!

UGH!!! When is Vampire Diaries going to be back on? The wait is horrible but never fear the new episode will air on Thursday January 5th and that’s only a couple weeks away. So we felt the need to bring to you in your time of need some new information regarding the original family.

Claire Holt aka original family member Rebekah became an instant show favorite since she was introduced to the show this season and they aren’t done with her yet. When we left off Rebekah was getting ready for the high school homecoming when Elena, played by Nina Dobrev, literally stabbed her in the back with the dagger to keep her out of the way while they conspired to kill Klaus, played by Joseph Morgan. Every girl’s favorite hot hunk Damon, played by Ian Somerhalder, dumped her in the basement for safe keeping.

It sounds like the show is getting even better! We can’t wait!

Once Rebekah makes her full comeback in the season she will not be happy camper, and of course we don’t know yet who the lucky sucker is that gets to remove the dagger from her back, and I am thinking she is going to be ready to rip off some heads. No more nice girl status for Rebekah because she is going to be out for blood since she revealed some very top secret family information to Elena, the back stabber. Just when we thought Rebekah was going to come to the other side, they had to go and ruin it.

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