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Victoria Beckham Talks Earlier Dating During The Spice Girls

Victoria Beckham Talks Earlier Dating During The Spice Girls

Sure, Victoria Beckham AKA Posh Spice might be happily married now, but apparently things weren’t always so great in her personal life. The former singer turned fashion mogul has revealed that things were like for her prior to marrying David Beckham.

In the height of her career with the Spice Girls, Victoria has revealed that no men even asked her out. Can you even imagine that?

She is now married to David Beckham, but there was a time when she wasn’t so lucky in love. She said that some of her potential boyfriends were only interested in brushing her hair. (?)

She said, “There was a stage where someone wrote once how every woman wanted to be one of us and every man wanted to date one of us. Not that anyone wanted to date me. I think everyone wanted to sort of like just brush my hair. But everyone could relate to one of us. That’s why it was so successful.”

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