Video: 50 Cent offers Kanye West a black eye

50 Cent Offers Kanye West A Black EyeIn the wake of the Taylor Swift/Kanye West controversy, 50 Cent spoke out to MuchMusic about Kanye’s actions.

When asked if he watched the VMAs last night, Fiddy said, “That was interesting, like, I mean, when you [sic] nominated for the first time, what you saw from me in 2004 was the Grammys. When I went up, Evanescence won Best New Artist and it was like, I sold 12 million records. It was the largest debut in hip hop albums today, I was overlooked and I still don’t have a Grammy. It’s been 13 nominations, because I wrote the harsh realities, I’ve been overlooked completely. So, when you got an artist there for the first time, and you go and you wanna tell ’em like — We know Beyonce is great. You know that, like, there’s nobody confused in that actual area. But Taylor Swift is great, and is new at that point. And you can’t replace it and an apology can’t replace what it feels like for the very first time, receiving that award. Now, in her head, ‘My first award was Kanye West’. It’s damaging, but, I wish he would come and take one of my awards, so I could black his eye. And in front of everybody. You pick and choose who you feel safe doing that with, though. Be honest. He shouldn’t worry about me, Pink was gonna get to him. What?!??”

Snap. I guess Kanye needs to watch his back for Pink and 50 Cent!

Check out the video, below:

Heh heh heh heh.

Image Credit: Bauer-Griffin

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