Video: Justin Bieber after Oprah performance

After his performance on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Justin Bieber talked backstage about his appearance on the show, what he looks for in a girl and what he has on his wall.

The interviewer said, “Congrats on your first time on the Oprah show. How did it feel?”

Justin replied, “Thank you. It felt great, I was really glad to come out here and you know, do what I love to do and being able to do it on Oprah was amazing.”

The interviewer said, “You and your mom seem really close, tell us what you love most about her.”

Justin said, “I love that she’s – she’s just a really strong woman. She’s, ya know, been there since day one and ya know, and just wanted me to be the best person I can possibly be. She doesn’t care about the money, the fame, she just wants to be my mom.”

And what he looks for in a girl? He said, “My perfect girl? Well, she has to be to be like, a nice person, someone I can talk to, ’cause at the end of the day, you have the hottest girl in the world, but if you can’t sit there and have a conversation with her, it’s going to be terrible.”

When asked who he wants to work with in the future, the Biebz responded, “I’d love to work with Beyonce. I would love to work with Kanye West, that would be cool. Jay-Z.”

The interviewer went on to ask if Justin planned on doing a duet with Usher anytime soon, to which he responded, “Yeah, for sure, yeah. I would love to do something with him, too.”

The interviewer said, “Tell us what’s hanging on your bedroom walls at home, if anything.”

He responded, “I have a picture of James Dean, because he is kinda my inspiration for my look. And I got an Entourage poster, I have The Hangover poster on my wall, I have a picture of Tupac, which may seem strange, but I like Tupac. And then what else do I have – I have another poster of this mouse, with like, headphones on and he’s got the rock star symbol. Yeah, that’s about it.”

Check out the video:

Did you catch his Oprah performance?

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