Video: Robert Pattinson’s paparazzi scuffle

Robert Pattinson just can’t seem to catch a break with the paparazzi. Everywhere he goes, they follow, cameras in tow.

Earlier tonight, Rob was enjoying a house party in Venice, California. All was fine and well until he tried to leave and was confronted by a ton of photographers videotaping and photographing his every move. Rob tried to enlist the help of local police officers, but they were of no help.

Check out the action, after the jump!

Poor guy. I wonder if he feels like he’s being “raped” by all of that fuss?

Video: Robert Pattinson’s paparazzi scuffle was last modified: February 7th, 2014 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • Melissa

    They need to give him a break. Poor guy! I wouldn't have been that nice, so you have to give him a lot of credit for that.

    • Roberta

      True, true. He's being nicer than I would've been in that situation.

  • lynn scudder

    unbelievable…..they need to have laws to help protect the celebrities. I know they are in the business but they should be allowed to have some privacy and definitely not have 5 cars follow him home and cause an accident. I feel very bad for him. It must be 24/7 and no one should have to deal with that but as always he was very nice but frustruated.

  • Jordan

    That poor guy, that's just horrible, at that point, I'd consider it harassment. If it was any regular person being stalked by people with cameras the people would be arrested, but just because he's made a few movies he gives up his right to privacy, and the ability to just leave an area without basically feeling like you're going to be stalked?
    And of course there at the end they had to make him feel like crap because he wouldn't give the chick an autograph. He just wanted to LEAVE. sure he coulda driven away, but honestly, if people were following you around, would you want to leave when they could possibly follow you back to your house or hotel room so they could take more pictures?
    The papparazzi are stalkers. end of story. there's no honor in being one of them.