Video: Taylor Swift drops her Grammy Award

And now with video!

At last night’s Grammy Awards, while in the press room, Taylor Swift proved that she didn’t deserve that last Grammy that she racked up for the night.

She dropped it! One of the Grammy people said for her not to worry because they have more of them.

After the jump for the video goodness!

Spotted on OceanUp

Video: Taylor Swift drops her Grammy Award was last modified: June 25th, 2011 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • dr junk

    this is what music has come to? this is what we give awards for? something has CLEARLY gone wrong, clearly. I think the grammys are afraid that if they don't award stupid pop artists with their "prestige" that they will go unwatched and nobody will care about them. It is too bad we have to sacrifice proper recognition of musical ability and talent for viewer ratings. fuck it

    • L. Thomas

      Maybe because you can understand what she is singing and there is no curse words in????? I think its about time !!!!!

      L. Thomas

    • J W C

      i think it takes a real spoiled brat to make your stupid remarks. I have seen older artists do the same thing especially when you stupid reporters and paparatzi have nothing better to do than make a young artist hold all 4 or 5 grammys why not give them a small table to use. And yes she did deserve the last Grammy.