The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale Recap: Hershel’s Dead!

The Walking Dead Mid-Season Finale Recap: Hershel's Dead!

The Walking Dead returned to AMC on Sunday with its mid-season finale titled Too Far Gone. Obviously, given this post’s title, this article contains spoilers for the hit post-apocalyptic show. Have you been getting your Walking Dead fix?

We weren’t too thrilled at this particular episode because they killed off one of our favorite characters. Hershel Greene was taken out by the Governor with Michonne’s katana while the Governor was at the gates to take over the prison. He offered Rick a way out — to leave the prison without casualties, but Rick took the high road and offered the Governor and his people a peaceful co-existence. The Governor wasn’t buying it and started a war with the prison people by slashing Hershel’s head.

An all-out war ensued which left the Governor dead at the hands of the woman he was trying to protect. In the end, we aren’t sure about the fate of Judith or basically anyone else. Yes, we are sure that the prison group got away, but they are definitely not together.

A lot of questions are left to the imagination at this point. Why did the show have to kill off Hershel’s character? Will the groups ever meet up again? Will we see Carol ever again? Where will the groups from the prison go now that they have no safe place?

Hit the comments and leave us your thoughts. Also check out this interview that the Hollywood Reporter did with Scott Wilson about the death of his character. As a side note, we met Scott Wilson back at the Mid-Ohio Comic-Con and he was just as sweet as pie. Then, we told him that we hoped the writers wouldn’t kill him off — and we are sad now that they have.

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