The Walking Dead Recap: Live Bait

The Walking Dead Recap: Live Bait

On Sunday night’s episode of The Walking Dead was an all new episode of the hit show titled Live Bait. It was a great episode that centered entirely on what’s been happening with the Governor since we’d seen him last.

The show revealed that the Governor gave himself the name Brian Heriot to a family of which he befriended. He helped them by getting more oxygen for the father of the ladies and playing games with the youngest girl.

When the old man finally succumbed to his illness, the Governor/Brian took him out with an oxygen tank before he could bite one of his daughters. Since, they’ve all stuck together to try to find a safe place. As it turns out, the Governor needed this family as much as they needed him.

With the loss of his own daughter, he was able to take comfort in the protection of the young girl Megan. He defends her in a zombie pit by killing some walkers with his bare hands. It’s then that he sees one of his old lieutenants from Woodbury, who is now apparently running the show.

Will this new path for the Governor make us root for him or against him? We already know what he’s capable of and we were waiting to see exactly when he would snap on his newfound family. He feels protective of them and willing to do anything to help them survive.

The Governor is a complex character with an interesting arc this season. It’s only a matter of time before the lieutenant, along with the Governor, goes after Rick, Daryl and Michonne – isn’t it? What do you think of this new character development? What do you expect will happen on next week’s show? Hit the comments and weigh in with your thoughts below.

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