The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 7 ‘Dead Weight’ Preview & Synopsis

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 7 'Dead Weight' Preview & Synopsis

Tonight on AMC an all new episode of the hit show The Walking Dead airs at 9PM EST and this episode is titled Dead Weight. Have you seen Live Bait? If not, you can get fully caught up with that episode here.

Since last week’s episode, it seems that the writers on the show are trying to show us more depth to the Governor’s character. He’s been a vile murderer and perhaps there may be redemption for him yet…we doubt it, but anything can happen, no?

Here’s this week’s synopsis:

Something new unfolds at a camp outside the prison; the addition of new members may threaten peace.

There isn’t a whole lot to go on here, but with what unfolded at the end of Live Bait, it could mean a lot. Martinez has resurfaced after being one of the Governor’s lieutenants and it appears that he is now in charge of his own group.

Could the dead weight that this episode is referring to be Megan and her family — the ones that the Governor has sworn to protect?

Watch tonight’s promo below:

Will Martinez out the newly nicknamed “Brian Heriot” as the Governor and expose his evildoings to Megan and the ladies? In addition, who is beheading people as punishment? We do know that one person was beheaded and left with a note reading “LIAR” on his chest. Could this be Martinez’s way of carrying the Governor’s torch? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts.

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