The Walking Dead Season Finale: 5 Observations

The Walking Dead Season Finale: 5 Observations

As we watched the bloodbath on the season four finale of “The Walking Dead”, we learned quite a few things. The episode was littered with sprinkles of wisdom from Hershel (yay, Scott Wilson returned!) and we still have questions remaining. However, the observations we’ve garnered from this episode alone have opened up some doors and have quite possibly closed some others.

Rick, Michonne and Carl have met back up with Daryl

Though it was under the best of circumstances, we were somewhat relieved to see Daryl meet back up with Rick, Carl and Michonne. He was with the group of Claimers — who eventually met their end via Rick’s quick actions.

Rick will do whatever it takes to survive

If Rick is cornered, he will most definitely try and do whatever he can in order to get the upper hand in the situation. He had a gun to his head and his son Carl was threatened with rape — the odds were not in favor of Team Grimes, yet Rick bit Joe’s neck like a walker and set a series of events into motion that caused the Claimers to meet their demise.


Maggie, Abraham, Sasha, Eugene, Glenn and the others were already at Terminus. Rick noticed this upon meeting the welcome committee in the front of the place. He found one of the locals there wearing the poncho, the riot gear and another one had Hershel’s watch. In addition, those running through Terminus showed us some human remains, having us believe that these are the cannibals from the comic books. In the gymnasium was what appeared to be names scrawled on the wall of the victims of Terminus.

Carol, Tyrese and Judith

Some readers have pointed out that there was some dried milk outside of one of the containers. This leads us to believe that perhaps Carol and Tyrese have already made their way to Terminus.

There is still hope

Rick ended the season finale with the words “They’re going to feel really stupid when they find out … they’re screwing with the wrong people.”

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