THE WALKING DEAD: TV Recap – Life After The Prison

THE WALKING DEAD: TV Recap - Life After The Prison

The Walking Dead made its return last night with its mid-season premiere event. The show left us wondering exactly what happened to the prison’s residents after the Governor invaded the stronghold with his group. We left the show in the middle of chaos as the prison’s people were scattering to find shelter. Now, we’ve learned what went on in the aftermath of the war between Rick and the Governor.

Last night’s episode of the show opened with Rick and Carl looking for shelter and food. Rick tried navigating his stubborn son through the zombie apocalypse, but Carl was stubborn. A beat-down Rick was barely walking, but they managed to find a place to rest and recuperate. It was at that time that Rick gave us the impression that he died, leaving Carl to tend to some waiting zombies outside. He took them out, but came *this* close to getting eaten live. Rick then awakened, much later after Carl said that he didn’t care if Rick died. We were glad for their reunion and also glad that Carl didn’t kill Rick when he thought he was a zombie reanimated.

We also got to peer into the pre-zombie apocalyptic life of Michonne and saw where her two walker friends came from. The two guys were friends of hers and she also had a baby in her former life. Sad. Despite all of that, she got out some of her anger at a herd of zombies and managed to track Rick and Carl to their newest safehaven.

Basically, that was what all of us waited so long for. We were looking for the state of the survivors of the prison/Governor war and all we received was Carl finding out that he’s not as slick as he thinks he is. In addition, Michonne can track like a boss.

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