Want to win a signed Shwayze Poster?

shwayze_signed_posterFor the next two weeks, Earsucker readers have the opportunity to win a signed posted by hip hop duo, Shwayze!

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. No spamming! You can enter as many times as you like! A name will be pulled out of a hat on October 6th and notified via email.

Retweet this for an extra entry! Follow Earsucker on Twitter or you’ll make the baby Jesus cry.

Have you heard Shwayze’s new song, “Get U Home”? What are you waiting for? That’s my jam, yo.

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186 Comments on this Post

  1. andrew clark

    yo, im a huge fan of shwayze and cisco no lie i have the album the mixtape all their unreleased stuff and im getting let it beat the day it drops! i really love their music and think their cool dudes im seeing them in concert september 29 i think it would be really cool if i win this.

  2. I can’t wait for LET IT BEAT to come out. i’ve been waiting ever since his debut album came out last year.

  3. Please pick me.

  4. “Just like my nano, she shufflin’, i am lovin it”

  5. Cause I can’t wait to get u home.

  6. I love Earsucker. And I love shwayze.

  7. The blacker the berries, the sweeter the juice.

  8. will you be my corona and lime

  9. I got mad love for shwayze and cisco, I have been listened to they from the day they got signed and their first album dropped. There music is the soundtrack to my life, no lie. I cant wait for the next album… stuff sounds mad good.

  10. shwayze and cisco, are coolest things to ever hit the scene, love their sound

  11. Shwayze is my boy, I have followed him ever since him and cisco came made it big time. I watched their mad good show on MTV, i am always listenin to em, whenver i get up or go out.

  12. I got a girl named Sally, she like to keep it trendy
    One day its hippy chic, next day its gucci fendi
    She got a gold chain, like it was 1980

  13. i have a spot that would look perfect in my dorm room for this poster.

  14. P-p-p please choose me.

  15. Girls from Detroit like electro,
    and dance all night til’ they break they neck yo

  16. I have been going shwayze crazyy. got mad love for my socal boyz(no homo). I am always vibin and kickin it to shwayze and cisco, the beats are fresh and the rymes never get old

  17. John Gantz

    i am a huge fan of them…..i waited out in front of the house of blues for 3 1/2 hours to get front row, and it was worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have every single song they ever made, and cant wait for LET IT BEAT!!!!!!

  18. If you down with Shwayze make some noise… I bee screamin like a fool all night long for that shit. I am shwayze crazy… plz gimme this hook up, itd make for a great part of my shwayze collection.

  19. Mike Ottavio


  20. Mike Ottavio

    pick me

  21. Mike Ottavio


  22. Mike Ottavio

    get u home

  23. Mike Ottavio


  24. Mike Ottavio

    living it up

  25. Mike Ottavio


  26. Mike Ottavio


  27. Mike Ottavio


  28. Mike Ottavio

    rich girls

  29. Mike Ottavio

    corona and lime

  30. Mike Ottavio

    call me what you want

  31. Mike Ottavio


  32. Mike Ottavio

    mary jane

  33. Mike Ottavio

    lost my mind

  34. Mike Ottavio

    lazy days

  35. Mike Ottavio

    cheep champagne

  36. Mike Ottavio

    dance in the sand

  37. Mike Ottavio

    fancy cars

  38. Mike Ottavio


  39. Mike Ottavio


  40. Mike Ottavio

    james brown is dead

  41. Mike Ottavio

    sally is a…

  42. Mike Ottavio

    my girl

  43. Mike Ottavio

    hit it

  44. Mike Ottavio

    greatest shit on earth

  45. Mike Ottavio

    crazy for you

  46. Mike Ottavio

    perfect for me

  47. Mike Ottavio

    dirty little girl

  48. Mike Ottavio

    rock n roll

  49. Mike Ottavio


  50. Mike Ottavio

    my girlfriend

  51. Mike Ottavio

    high together

  52. Mike Ottavio


  53. Mike Ottavio

    dance like this

  54. Mike Ottavio

    i love you like my 808

  55. Mike Ottavio

    wait all night

  56. Mike Ottavio

    man eater

  57. Mike Ottavio

    make a lil more

  58. Mike Ottavio

    down at the motel

  59. Mike Ottavio

    tiger life

  60. Mike Ottavio

    heart and soul

  61. Mike Ottavio

    digital girl

  62. Mike Ottavio

    take me in the bathroom

  63. Mike Ottavio

    sally is a hippie girl one day

  64. Mike Ottavio

    come come summertime

  65. Mike Ottavio

    why you hating im living it up

  66. Mike Ottavio

    got the weed in my sock

  67. Mike Ottavio

    i got soul ask james brown, he handed me the crown when he left town

  68. Mike Ottavio

    specialist in all positions, exceptional, pussy professional

  69. Mike Ottavio

    every body coming to my party it starts at 8 we gettin naughty by nine so dont be late

  70. Mike Ottavio

    all a dream

  71. Mike Ottavio

    if it aint your parents it the damn police

  72. Mike Ottavio

    she taste like cigaretts and alchol

  73. Mike Ottavio

    if you got the weed i got the pipe we can get high together all night

  74. Mike Ottavio

    girls in the hills go day trippin to get their nails done and hair straightend

  75. Mike Ottavio

    her name was mary jane

  76. Mike Ottavio

    for 13 years ive benn hurtin girls purposly

  77. Mike Ottavio

    ive been called a worthless freak a jerk and a cheat cause i turn the other cheek after we fuck for a week.

  78. Mike Ottavio

    im burning herbal tres with purple leaves

  79. Mike Ottavio

    you ever see a mother fucker like me black dude in skin tight jeans

  80. Mike Ottavio

    one hit shit i hot box the jeep

  81. Mike Ottavio

    i dont know what she was on. whatever it was i want some

  82. Mike Ottavio

    this is a stick up nobody move

  83. Mike Ottavio

    shake it like a heart attack

  84. Mike Ottavio

    money cant buy you love okay, but it can still buy you lots of cocain.

  85. Mike Ottavio

    come and you go – cisco adler

  86. Mike Ottavio

    at a party on a hill i popped a pill threw back a shot and started to chill

  87. Mike Ottavio

    i live by the w’s weed and women

  88. Mike Ottavio

    all i ever needed was a pair of shoes dollar in my pocket and a parachute

  89. Mike Ottavio

    you got a light whell i got a spliff

  90. Mike Ottavio

    gotta split got a life to live

  91. Mike Ottavio

    if i hit ima be hella rich, and ima get away find a bitch, so you better be nice sweet lips, and i might just buy u a benz

  92. Mike Ottavio

    if your looking for love wont you put your hands up.

  93. Mike Ottavio

    i live by the beach down the street from cheech

  94. Mike Ottavio

    please god i beg for forgivness

  95. Mike Ottavio

    somone take her picture

  96. Mike Ottavio

    she was buzzin all over me

  97. Mike Ottavio

    turn the sound down and u realize your the one the songs about

  98. Mike Ottavio

    she had a look in her eye like a flashlight

  99. Mike Ottavio


  100. Mike Ottavio

    mad cause i spend my days smoking hash

  101. Mike Ottavio

    hell na vagina dog

  102. Mike Ottavio

    i saw shwayze live

  103. Mike Ottavio

    probably cause i hit her 3 times today

  104. Mike Ottavio

    i got a rep to protect down at the high school

  105. Mike Ottavio

    you wanna go out with me, “blow me” lmao

  106. Mike Ottavio

    i wanna win a signed shwayze poster

  107. Mike Ottavio

    cisco is the fucking man

  108. Mike Ottavio

    no chaser

  109. Mike Ottavio

    dont blame it on the shots cause im famouse and hes not

  110. Mike Ottavio

    theres one thnig sally says everyday and its she loves me just the way i am

  111. Mike Ottavio

    she got a gold chain like it was 1980

  112. Mike Ottavio

    let it beat november 3rd

  113. Mike Ottavio

    she said she cant complain she dont know mine

  114. Mike Ottavio

    never gunna stop head gunna bop

  115. Mike Ottavio

    up all night on aderol

  116. Mike Ottavio

    i never ment to block ur sunshine

  117. Mike Ottavio

    i never ment to block your sun

  118. Mike Ottavio

    writing raps over kicks in class

  119. Mike Ottavio

    everywhere i go free corona and lime

  120. Mike Ottavio

    i asked her name she said she cant complain she dont know mine

  121. Mike Ottavio

    when im on a beat

  122. Mike Ottavio

    yo cisco turn my headphones up

  123. Mike Ottavio

    i could still smell the scent when i left the room

  124. Mike Ottavio

    cisco – “yall herd of holly wood california, Fuck hollywood, Jerz’s were its at”

  125. mike Ottavio

    shwayze is a god.

  126. Mike Ottavio

    people live and people die
    in the end we all get high
    if in life you dont succeed
    fuck the world and smoke some weed
    if in life you find success
    fuck you and smoke the rest

  127. Mike Ottavio

    how big is this poster

  128. Mike Ottavio

    my girlfriend is a lesbian

  129. Mike Ottavio

    if u live like shwayze u just win.

  130. Mike Ottavio

    all i need is a bag of weed

  131. Hey, I want this poster(:

  132. Please choose me

  133. i love shwayze

  134. Will you be my corona and lime?

  135. I will be your main squeeze

  136. Let it beat

  137. Boy you crazy

  138. Naw, i am shwayze.

  139. sally is a hippie girl one day.

  140. sally is a rock girl, the next

  141. Shwayze is coming to my school in 5 days.

  142. I really want this poster.


  144. I dont need no fancy car.

  145. I just need a skinny girl.

  146. with an over size shirt that reads

  147. whatever happened to the american dream

  148. SHWAYZE

  149. I cant wait to get u home

  150. Earsucker is number one

  151. S

  152. H

  153. W

  154. Y

  155. Z

  156. E

  157. I be livin it up

  158. I love Cisco Adler

  159. I need a rich girl

  160. Thats all i need.

  161. Actually all i really want is this shwayze poster.

  162. you cant trade a trans-am for a pickup truck

  163. Lazy days in Lose Angeles

  164. We just want to get kicks for free


  166. I move on like a greyhound bus

  167. Scream out your area code

  168. We coming live from the 310!

  169. Bang Bang- i want to give you my name

  170. BUt i am trying to put some diamonds on my shwayze chain

  171. SHe was buzzin all over me

  172. LIke she fell in love

  173. I am just a kid

  174. Livin a dream

  175. Slid in the scene

  176. LIke an old pair of jeans

  177. You know my name

  178. But you dont know me

  179. Come come summertime

  180. love love take a ride with me

  181. Some say when it rains

  182. it pours

  183. but hollywood aint for lovers anymore

  184. I got a backup full of demos

  185. So someone take her picture

  186. Click Click

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