Was Diane Sawyer Drunk For ABC’s Election Coverage?

Was Diane Sawyer Drunk For ABC's Election Coverage?

In case you’ve missed ABC’s coverage of the Presidential election, you missed out on BuzzGate. Diane Sawyer was co-hosting the election coverage with George Stephanopoulos, but left everyone wondering if she was tipping the bottle prior to the live show.

She was seemingly slurring her words and making weird movements with her arms during the entire evening. This led to voters thinking that she was celebrating a little early on! Was she drunk? It’s likely that she wasn’t drinking before doing her hosting duties. It’s more likely that she’s been exhausted over covering the catastrophe that was Hurricane Sandy, which she followed up with the election night coverage. Still, it was funny to watch.

She addressed all of the “buzz” on her official Twitter account, saying, “Awe for the @ABC powerhouse team. Hail the techs who kept us on air…during the 25 minute power outage. Read your tweets the good, the bad, and the funny. See you on @ABCWorldNews.”

It’s not like she was going to confirm if she had a buzz on the internet…Right?

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