Was the Kanye West/Taylor Swift kerfuffle planned?

90913A2_WEST_K_B-GR_01Kanye West really stole a special moment for Taylor Swift, but there are rumors surfacing now that this was all part of the act.

Reportedly, MTV wanted Jay-Z to perform for the VMAs, and he said that he would — under one condition: they would have to let Beyonce perform and make her look good. Didn’t you walk away from the awards show thinking that Beyonce was a total class act? Hmmmm….

A supposed Jay-Z employee said this:

This was all a huge publicity stunt set up by Jay-Z. MTV wanted him to perform at the end of the show and he said on one condition – they gave Beyonce a performance and made her look good. And so, the whole Taylor Swift fiasco was born. Jay called up Kanye and asked him to do it for him because Kanye doesn’t mind being seen as a jackass and it’d be believable if he did it. So when Beyonce let Taylor finish her speech instead of making her own speech, everyone thought “Wow, Beyonce really is a class act!” and Jay-Z finished off the show with his performance.

We all thought that Sacha Baron Cohen’s butt flying into Eminem’s face was real for a minute, too, didn’t we? Kanye would’ve been an easy target for this nonsense, the guy walked into the awards show with a bottle.

What do you think? Does Hov have that much pull?

Image Credit: Bauer-Griffin

Was the Kanye West/Taylor Swift kerfuffle planned? was last modified: June 17th, 2011 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • E Smith

    Well it makes sense . T Swift must want to go for something bigger than country music , like acting. BTW how many music videos have you seen where an artist lays a dual role as opposing characters?
    And if it was scripted than she really nailed it. Either way its a win win for her, Beyonce and everybody but K West who gets to be Jackass of the Month. Hope he got paid.

  • Uncertainty Principle

    Well, if this was all scripted, this at least confirms one thing: that Kanje is not very smart and that his success has caused him to forget about anything his fans hoped to see in him. But I have to ask, how do we know that this supposed person from the VMA award ceremony really wasn’t paid off by Kanye to put this story out there because it was the only story that would be believed. Perhaps it is Kanye’s hope that he can redeem his image in the media by making himself look at least a little less … well, stupid. I am not ready to accept this story just yet.

  • Uncertainty Principle

    Well as anyone who has watched Taylor Swift’s concerts for any length of time knows, she does like to pull a few pranks. And if it could be established that this was all a giant prank, than I think Taylor should get the best prank of the year award in addition to the VMA award she won. It is just one thing that makes Taylor Taylor, and one reason why she is simply number one on the music charts, although definitely not the only reason.

    I don’t think Taylor needed to pull a prank like this to gain support for anything she wants to do in the future. She knows her fans will support her no matter what she does. I have actually wondered if she has considered acting in the future of her career. Since she likes cooking so much, I have wondered if she has considered producing a regular cooking show.

    Either way, it sure made Taylor’s first VMA award very memorable. Perhaps some of the best pranks are the ones that are never acknowledged as such. And the VMA awards just happened to be on the 13th day of September which also happens to be the 256th day of the year. 2 + 5 + 6 equals 13. Remember Taylor has repeatedly stated that she feels 13 to be her lucky number.

  • Ali

    What a bunch of sorry teenage kids!
    The whole thing was staged to perfection. Taylor Swift is nothing but another actor.
    But, let’s say that it wasn’t staged. Here is how she will get over it:
    – She will go to the Bahamas or Hawaii to enjoy the beaches’ and the erotic spas, relax, and have fun.
    – After that she will go to Milan, Italy, for shoes shopping.
    – Then she will drop by Paris, France, for dinner.
    – When she comes back home, she will find her bank account even fatter (just like you).
    So, while you are feeling so very sorry for Sweet Taylor, embracing her by buying more of her records and making her richer, your daddy is going to lose his job and you will find yourself without health care insurance.
    Just remember to yell at the president: YOU DON’T LIE.

  • kay

    Makes a lot of sense. I thought that was VERY out of character for Beyonce from what I know about her