Watch out Britney, Taylor Swift is coming for you

Taylor Swift has taken the title of best download debut from pop princess Britney Spears. After releasing her song, “Today Was A Fairytale”, fans raced to download the new single in its first week.

Also trying to take over the world is Ke$ha’s song, “Tik Tok”.

According to MSN Music:

The country music sensation now holds the record for the best download debut by a female artist after the new song was picked up 325,000 times in the past week — 39,000 more than Spears’ Womanizer in 2008.

If it’s any consolation, I still like “Womanizer” better than anything Taylor puts out. No offense to her fans, but I’m not a fan of country music. As far as Ke$ha is concerned, as much as I hate typing out her $name$, her song is an earworm that I can’t get rid of. So why fight it?

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