Websites Offer Place To Reminisce About Oldies

Websites Offer Place To Reminisce About Oldies

Think social networks are all for millenials? Think again, one of the fastest growing groups of users of social media are baby boomers with over 73% having an active Facebook profile. Compare that to 77% of the millenials on Facebook and it makes you wonder why baby boomers are flocking to Facebook. The answer to that lies in the natural patterns of social connectivity. What goes around comes around and as you enter the 50+ age range, you have a similar drive to expand your world through making connections with people you have something in common with, just like when you were in your teens and looking to break free of your home. Only now, as a boomer, you aren’t looking to break out into a world you define, but to step fully into one you have made.

Making Authentic Online Connections

You can join just about any online social network and begin “friending” people, but that doesn’t mean the connection is authentic. Social network sites like Facebook and LinkedIn all work on the premise that if you have a way of knowing someone offline, you connect online as well. This means that they are not utilizing the potential of the Internet fully when it comes to enhancing your social world. You are just recreating the connections you already have through work, school or family online. Granted, this can be a great bonus as life has thrown so many of us to the far corners of the Earth that staying in touch prior to the Internet was much harder. Yet this doesn’t do much for you if you are seeking new connections. What these sites forget is that the reason you got to know these people offline or have something offline that connects you, is you also identified common interests that you shared. You won’t meet many new people online you can form a strong connection with unless you first discover what it is that you share.

Music defines the life

Like no other generation before or after, music has defined the baby boomer. It goes beyond coming of age angst or the songs associated with seminal events in our lives. Music was the beat of this generation in a world that was rapidly changing. From revolutions in pop culture to revolutions in social culture, there was a music style or group that represented the milestone. The ones you were drawn to tended to reflect the person you were coming – politically, socially and spiritually. There are songs we share across our generation, and then songs we remember that are deeply personal and not as well known.

Letting Music Connect the Soul

The idea behind one of the fastest growing new social websites is based on something old. Music always forms our most powerful connections so iOldies created a social networking site that revolves around our music. You can find music you thought had disappeared forever, reminisce with friends old and new, and find suggestions for other kinds of music you might like and more on the site. The important thing is that what connects you to everyone on the site is a shared love of music. With that common connection, you can go on to form authentic relationships online that are as vibrant and giving as the ones you have with your friends in town. It is also one of the best ways to meet someone new in your life as well. On iOldies, it is what you remember and what you dream that is important, not the facts you have drawn to your life. It is the dreams that allowed the baby boomer generation to reach out and change the world, discovering that hope again can be just a heartbeat away.

Information provided by iOldies

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