What is this nonsense? They call this music?

Via Myspace, is Emcee G The Collective Family. First of all, when listening to this track, I had to continuously readjust the volume on my speakers. The volume goes up and down. I’m not really sure what is going on in this song. It sounds like some old school Archie Bunker sounding music in the background and some guy trying to rap. The background noise drowns out the rapper, and you’re left wondering what you just poisoned your ears with.

This song is listed under several categories, one of which being Black Metal. Definitely inappropriate here.

I hope that they can get back in the studio and perfect whatever sound that they are trying to accomplish here before unleashing it on the world. This is some scary stuff and I’m not afraid of anything.

Want some real black metal for a band that’s actually good and can use your support? Check out Legion of Doom. This IS Black Metal, folks.

Verdict: The lone pic of that guy on their myspace page isn’t even worth posting.

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