Whitney Houston’s Death: No Foul Play

Whitney Houston's Death: No Foul Play

Despite a recent suggestion by Globe magazine that Whitney Houston was murdered, TMZ is reporting that the Beverly Hills Police Department is officially closing her case. They state that the reason for her death was accidental drowning and that there was no foul play involved whatsoever.

The Police Department has investigated the late singer’s death since February 11th, but has finally decided to close the books on the case.

It was reported that the authorities never believed that anyone removed cocaine from Whitney’s hotel room because they found a powdery residue along with a rolled up bill and a spoon inside the Beverly Hills Hotel where Whitney was bathing before the Clive Davis pre-Grammys show.

So the media can finally end their speculation that there was a smoking gun in Whitney Houston’s death and finally let her rest in peace.

Whitney Houston’s Death: No Foul Play was last modified: April 11th, 2012 by Lydia Harris
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