Who Won MasterChef Season 5 On September 15, 2014?

Who Won MasterChef Season 5 On September 15, 2014?

Tonight on MasterChef was the season five finale of the hit cooking competition and it all came down to the wire. The top three cooks in America had throttled the competition and it was down to Courtney Lapresi, Leslie Gilliams and Elizabeth Cauvel. Who were you rooting for to win the MasterChef competition this season?

WARNING: This post contains obvious spoilers for the season five winner of MasterChef. If you have yet to watch the season finale, then please close this page and return when you’ve seen the show.

After Elizabeth impressed the judges with her delicious cooking, she was safe and able to move on to the show’s finale showdown. Safe upstairs, she provided some funny commentary on the happenings in the kitchen below. She noted how Courtney talked to herself to reassure herself that things were going her way — while Leslie was in a frantic panic over how things were progressing.

At the end of the baking challenge, it appeared that Leslie had the competition in the bag…. Until the judges got to his Boston creme pie. While it was better presented than Courtney’s version of the dish, he made a rookie mistake and used salt instead of sugar. Unfortunately for him, that was enough to send him packing back to Malibu. BOO!

Since, it was down to being between Courtney and Elizabeth and it was obvious from the start that the show’s producers were angling for the former stripper dancer to win. Elizabeth’s poor husband passed out before the news was announced and still we were hoping that Gordon Ramsay would say her name instead of Courtney’s. Unfortunately, our new MasterChef winner is Courtney Lapresi and we are unimpressed with the results.

What do you think of the season finale episode of MasterChef? Who were you expecting to win it all? Have your say in the comments section below.

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  • Dale Shepardson

    Courtney has a repulsive personality and she should never stick her head out of the kitchen I pity anyone who would ever have to work with her.

    • Dale Shepardson

      Then write it yourself.

  • Scott

    I’m so frustrated that she won and seriously considering not watching anymore. Besides, they focused on her shoes more than anything else this season. The show should have been called Master Shoe.

  • glenda

    sorry I missed the last show, *I thought Elizabeth had
    more flair.

  • Debbie

    My thoughts when Courtney was announced as the winner, “I wasted 18 hours for this?” I am with Scott, I won’t be watching the show anymore either. “Hell’s Kitchen contestants should be miffed. They don’t get a cookbook or $250K. They end up having to work for a year for their $250K.