Why Katie Holmes Is Divorcing Tom Cruise

Why Katie Holmes Is Divorcing Tom Cruise

Despite reports suggesting that Katie Holmes is divorcing Tom Cruise over his close ties to Scientology, we’ve learned that it was a different reason why she split from the actor. According to the latest Hollywood news, Tom was always putting his work before his family and Katie knew that she and Suri would never be a priority of us.

Katie was said to be fed up with how often Tom was away and how he didn’t prioritize his life accordingly. A source has said, “They had problems for a while. His career came first, and Katie was no longer happy. She wanted him to stay home and spend time together. But Tom has always been a movie star, he knows nothing else. This is a good father and good husband, when present, but the work comes first.”

The source went on to say that Katie wanted Suri to have as normal of a childhood possible. The spy said, “She left him because she wanted a better life for herself and her daughter. Suri has no friends. She has no normal life, and it became increasingly obvious, as she got older.”

The source continued, “Katie wants a project where she will remain in a fixed location, where Suri will go to school, have friends, meet children to play, all these things she doesn’t do right now. Katie was unhappy in her marriage, so she decided to end it so that her daughter had a happier life.”

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