Wife Swap Recap 4/11/13: Cindy Avery-Lamb and Dayna Martin Swap Lives

Celebrity Wife Swap Recap 4/11/13: Cindy Avery-Lamb and Dayna Martin Swap Lives

Tonight on ABC Wife Swap returns again for a whole new episode. On tonight’s show self-proclaimed strict disciplinarian Cindy Avery-Lamb and advocate of “Radical Unschooling” Dayna Martin swap lives. Did you watch last week’s episode when Heidi Cochran and Comedian Marianne Curry swapped lives? We did and we recapped it here for you.

Cindy Avery-Lamb lives in suburban San Diego, CA with her husband, Andrade, son Jory (17) and daughter Najia (11.) Cindy is a strict disciplinarian and runs a tight ship at home. Her family adheres to a detailed list of chores and scheduled activities, including Cindy’s regular “room checks” to make sure her children’s bedrooms are neat and clean and up to her meticulous standards. Cindy also keeps tabs on her children at all times, including monitoring their conversations on social media, and she always knows where they are and whom they’re with.

Dayna Martin lives in Madison, NH with her husband, Joe, and their four children, Devin (13), Tiffany (11), Ivy (8) and Orion (4). Dayna is an advocate of “Radical Unschooling,” believes that schools are like prisons and that institutionalizing a child is one of the cruelest things a parent can do. The Martin children live life as if they were on permanent summer vacation, with no chores, mandatory bedtime or responsibilities.

We will be covering tonight’s Wife Swap, Heidi Cochran and Marianne Curry episode with all the details. For the first time in the show’s history, a family breaks the rules of the swap and refuses to reunite for the roundtable discussion. You don’t want to miss it! Don’t forget to come back to this spot at 8PM for our coverage of the episode.


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  • Smith

    I am horrified that the state of New Hampshire tolerates illiteracy such as I am seeing. I hope that these parents are arrested and these children given a chance to have a healthy better life than what I am seeing. I will be making sure my vote and my representative will be hearing. These unschooled children shown – if the best examples – will be simply illiterate adults with nothing to offer – I hope they have a large trust fund!!! The other mother has some OCD issues, but at least she is preparing her children for a life of success and opportunity. Education is not elective!

  • Lee

    Cindy was so rude…I hated this episode because she showed no respect to the other family. She cannot accept criticism and she was just plain disrespectful! Saying the kids shouldn’t swear when that’s all that came out of her mouth.

  • jones

    Im in agreement these kids need to go to school. I’m black and this black mother is too obsessed about cleaning and her sofa. She’s too busy being a drill sargent instead of showing love and will see distance from her kids as they get older. that husband needs to open his mouth.All that yelling is for the birds.

  • Gertrude L.

    Wow! That disciplinarian mom came across as a total control freak! She surely has a huge chip on her shoulder for some strange reason. I feel so sorry for her kids. Once those kids get away from her overbearing grip they’ll end up acting out just to spite her. It doesn’t even seem like she loves her kids!

  • abby

    Cindy is strait up a “FemALE DOG!!!!!” If I grew up with a mom like that , suicide would quickly become an option. As for her husband, you’re way too good for that cold hearted woman.I’ll take you! I almost feel bad for her, because life would feel so empty to have a soul like hers.

  • Roro

    I really did not enjoy tonight’s wife swap because of Cindy, she seems to be a total control junkie with – out an ounce of love or life in her. Having fun and showing your children love and affection does not make you weak nor does it make you a bad parent, lighten up a little those kids are going to grow up and never look back. The other household now that’s just pitiful that your eleven yr old cant read, you guys are limiting your children’s world to a farm house in New Hampshire so so sad.

  • Lewis

    As a black man it really bothered me how Andrade just sat there like a bump om a log while his wife was acting like an ass.You can tell she definitely wears the pants and controls every aspect of their lives.I believe Andrade enjoyed them 2 weeks that Cindy was gone.He needs to grow a pair,be a man,and take charge of his home.The things that bothered me the most was that she told her daughter that her pictures weren’t going to stay up and blaming her son because his friends see her for the dictator grinch that she is.

  • Minnie

    I understand unschooling however, the basics of reading, writing and math should be incorporated into everyday learning. It’s nothing wrong with showing the kids a leaf and making them spell it. Now on to CINDY!!!! She was rude and disrespectful to that family. She let them know that they are beneath her in every way yet, her kids are disconnected from her. She should seek counseling for her deep rooted issues because she’s inflicting that mess upon her kids. Her son is going to leave the home and never look back. Her husband needs to take off his skirt and start wearing some pants.

  • Max Smacks

    That black dude needs to grow a pair and lose that bitch of a wife. She is rude and intolerant, and dumb as a rock. Her bullying personna is practically certifiable. His kids will love him for it. On the other hand, I can’t see any virtue in not teaching your kids to read – at least. The black guy? He needs to take his kids and RUN.

  • Jennifer

    I think both of these families were to the extreme. I think there should be a balance of both. Cindy is just a rude person. I hope she watches the show and see’s how she really is.

  • Sue Hall

    After watching tonight’s episode, I was close to tears for the children of Cindy. They are both dominated by a woman who has very odd priorities. I wonder if the children feel loved?

    The moment Cindy walked back into her home, she started to attack her children. Growup quick, Kids, and get the hell away from that sick woman!

    As for the NH children, I am not so sure they aren’t receiving a good education. Which of us hasn’t felt panic and frozen when being attacked by a bully.

    The NH husband showed admirable restraint by waiting so long before sending that maniac, Cindy, packing.

    Be strong, children of Cindy!

  • Nancy

    My 72 year old mom has a 13 year old daughter (adopted) that is “home schooled” even though my mom quit school when she was 16. The little girl cannot read, do math, etc. and has no social skills, I have reported it to the state several times but nothing is done. That is in Ohio.

  • Kobe

    Amazed but not surprised at how all the comments are geared towards Cindy.

    I’m still shocked at ” unschooling “.

    I Learn something new everyday. Hopefully the state of New Hampshire did as well.

  • Kate

    Watching tonight’s episode of Wife Swap, I heard Cindy say that the other couple was guilty of child abuse. Before she levels this complaint at them, she needs to take a look at herself! My heart broke for her little girl when she walked in the house and pointed at the framed artwork hanging on the landing and said, “that’s not staying there”…did she ever consider her kids’ feelings?

    If her son is 17 and isn’t allowed any freedom, it speaks to her not being confident in her own parenting. If he hasn’t learned to be responsible by this point, then what has she done wrong? She told us at the beginning of the show that they only go outside when she’s able to keep an eye on them. She couldn’t handle the truth about her lousy parenting skills. It’s not all about rules, Cindy, and you’ll realize what you missed out on when your kids leave home as soon as they’re able to do so.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see her husband follow them out the door, she can keep her house as clean as she likes and nobody will mess it up. She has no idea what she’s missing in life. Her children have had a chance to see how a real mother acts, encouraging them to have friends over, praising their accomplishments and allowing them to
    voice an opinion, yet still being able to guide and direct them. I don’t approve of Dayna’s unschooling because the children are too young to realize what they’ll need as adults in terms of what an education provides, however, her children will never doubt they are loved by their parents.

    Cindy, my husband proudly hung artwork from our children in his office, right next to his diploma from medical school. They are now accompanied by additions from our grandson. He is the Chief of Surgery at a major medical institution on the East coast and knows what his priorities are. How sad you’ve yet to realize what life is really all about.

  • Stephanie

    Cindy, was a total idiot. I couldn’t stand her. I thought it was sad her daughter couldn’t keep her beautiful art work up. The dad needs to open his big lips and speak up for his family.
    Cindy looked like a damn ignorant fool on national tv. Hope she looks at the the tape over and over so she can see how ugly she truly looked.

  • Sharon d

    Cindy seems to lack emotion. Felt bad for her children who have no voice and no happiness. Also sad about the other children who cannot read.

  • Darrin

    Heartbroken for Cindy’s kids. :(

  • JLHerrington

    Cindy both epitomizes the “C” word and the “N” word!!! She is a disgusting, domineering, controlling, ignorant, arrogant waste of human flesh. I’m ashamed and embarrassed that she even shares the same air that my family here in San Diego uses. I hope and pray that her kids go running and screaming away from this abusive bitch when they can break free.

  • Ryan

    Cindy is an abomination. Absolutely sickening individual. I felt so horrible for her daughter at the end, when she told her that she can’t have her pictures up. Such a fucking bitch. She’s going to lose everything soon enough. God, I hope those kids will be able to leave. I’m surprised her husband didn’t flip out. I sure as hell would have.

    As for the NH family, I find Dayna and Joe’s view is not at all correct either. Their children will not be ready to face the real world at this rate. They need to understand discipline through bedtimes, technological regulation, and education. It’s a shame. These children seem quite sweet.

    Overall, pretty fucked up, but Cindy is definitely the most screwed. I really hope someone out there will help them out. Those kids don’t deserve that dog of a mother. Her selfishness and hypocrisy truly is astounding. Burn, bitch.

  • Rich

    In regards to unschooling, children do recieve education through their daily lives, Unschooling takes ordinary moments and conversations and turns them into learning opportunities. A trip shopping or cooking is a reading, science and math lesson built into ordinary life. Unschooling families don’t just passively watch a TV show or watch a movie, instead it is a time of pausing and discussing what they are seeing, thinking, feeling. These kids are not just told what to remember and spit out for a test and then forget, they are learning about life, and how to live it by interacting and questioning.. Remember that this show is edited and is going to show the most sensational aspects of all sides… Each child learns at a different pace and retains their learning better when they are ready to absorb it. I don’t feel the Martin’s are in any way abusive by not sending their children to school, and just because they do not have a bedtime or electronic regulations does not mean they will be unable to face the real world. Many unschoolers go on to attend college very successfully and have careers and live happy lives. Sadly people judge because they are unaware how it can work and it is not what they do, take a step away from your comfort zone and before you judge and make complaints to states, learn more about unschooling, look at who the benefits of it, don’t make rash judgements based on a small snippet of an edited TV show.

    In regards to Cindy’s family I felt such sorrow for her children and the anger and shame that is heaped upon them. I truly hope Cindy can see this show and maybe learn what harm she is doing to her children and ultimately her long term relationship with them…

  • Paloma

    It’s so sad how children are always the innocent victims… In both families! So sad! Cindy obviously showed how cold and controlling she is! And she was so rude, disrespectful and mean that her attitude even made Dayna and Joe look “not as bad” … even when they are hurting their kids as well! I hope her book buyers are now seeing who “they’re taking advice from” … a lady whose house is nasty and her children can’t even properly read! No books? learning how to read through ‘texting’? … Not being able to say “no” to a “nose piercing” because it’s “his nose”? Delusional kids who think they’ll be “entrepeneurs” when they grow up? both extremes portrayed that’s for sure.

  • Tom

    Almost everything I wanted to say has been said. I take exception with the fact that the NH kids aren’t showing the signs of being taught and coached and guided. I gave my kids away to the public schools… and then never saw them again… the home work load and papers and projects kept them at school or at the kitchen table until 11 pm and twice as much on the weekend. we couldn’t take a day trip over most of the holidays vacations because the kids had papers etc. I regret sending them to school. period. Don’t talk to me about socialization in the public school. It survival of the fittest: mean girls, athletes, bullies, administration that looks the other way, teacher bullies,Drugs, we saw them all. If I had it to do over I would want to look into unschooling.
    The California kids were fine examples of human beings… I wanted to go take them and the dad and give them a big hug.
    And the kid isn’t delusional when he says he can be an entrepreneur. His dad is doing quite well making and selling his woodwork. That is what the boy sees everyday as a credible option. I’ll bet he will never be unemployed.

  • wr

    Cindy was harsh, and has a lit to learn, but at the end of the day her kids will be contributing members of society. The illiterate feral children in NH will simply be a drain on society.

  • KT

    Cindy is only trying to protect her children. If you read her manual, which is posted on ABC.com, you’ll learn that she made a lot of mistakes as a teenager and ended up pregnant at 17. So, she wants her children to avoid the mistakes that she made and be successful. You have to remember that the show is edited in order to achieve the highest ratings. After reading Cindy’s manual, I understood her a lot more. She does do things with her children, and the entire family participates in activities together. I think her children will be fine. My father was strict, and folks said that I would be wild once I got out of the house (thanks to all of the people who spoke negativity into my life *insert sarcasm*). However, I never became a wild child, and I turned out to be a successful professional. Could Cindy loosen up a little bit? Yes, she could, but she’s not some horrible monster. I don’t understand the Martin family at all. An 11-year-old should know how to read. Yes, different people learn at differents levels, which is why I would cut the 7 year old some slack if she can’t read well (given that she is homeschooled or “unschooled”). However, there is no excuse for an 11 year old not to be able to read basic words. I think the Martin children should be forced to go to school or the parents should be forced to create an actual curriculum with tangible ways to measure the kids’ progress. An outside person should monitor whether the parents actual implement the curriculum.

  • Brandy in CA

    All I want to know is where did Dayna Martin get that super cute top she wore to the roundtable??!! I want one.
    As for their behavior? Are you people serious? This show is so cut and spliced, in order to get you all riled up, try to see through it, Sheesh….not to mention pretty trashy. Who cares.

  • Kelly

    I live in Madison NH and honestly these people are nuts. Their kids are rude and so are the parents and how do they get away with not teaching their children. What are these kids gonna grow up to be?

  • Maribel

    Omg I just seen this episode I can not believe Cindy she was and is the dudes mother I have ever seen. Including myself because I can be strict as well but damn I was so surprised. There is no affection u ur home and it’s so sad that her kids can’t express themselves even if it would only be in there room. She is one sad mother and will never have a good relationship with her children is one thing to be strict with love rather than so much fear. U are one sad women I hope I read all of these comments and change. I see ur kids leaving the nets just to get away from u Ms Cindy Lamb. Sad Ass Mother. The other family may be a lit dirty and her kids can’t read but they happy kids. Maybe after this show she can lern to teach them a lit better a day at a time Cindy has a life time to fix!!!

  • Amber

    The family that I didn’t understand at all was the Martin family. I feel as though the Martin children will have a difficult time once they reach adulthood because being an adult is nothing but rules that need to be followed. Following rules teach us responsibility and the Martin children don’t have that. The lack of education bothered me the most. What kind of lives will these children have if they can’t read? The 13 year old son was really annoying…he thinks he’s older than he really is and has no respect for authority. I would love to see an update on this family in 10 years!

    Cindy could loosen up more with her kids. Her son is 17 and will be leaving for college soon and she should give him more opportunities to show his parents that he is responsible and mature. Both children should be able to express themselves creatively and individually. I was raised in a strict home and my family is big on respect. My sisters and I had rules that we had to follow such as curfews and chores. However, kids should be able to be kids with rules helping to guide and teach. Ultimately, I feel as though Cindy should trust that she has instilled enough in her children to enable them to make mature decisions in life.

  • candy Willaims

    For all those that thrashed the Avery Lamb Family you got to be kidding me!!!!!!!

    Go to Kate Martinez on wife swap and her experience before you judge!

    Very Sad !