Will There Be An Alcide & Sookie Hook Up In ‘True Blood’?

Will There Be An Alcide & Sookie Hook Up In 'True Blood'?

June 26th can’t come fast enough for all of us Truebies, but we’re wondering if the wonderful writers behind the hit vampire show True Blood will give us a hook up between Alcide Herveaux and Sookie Stackhouse.

Since it didn’t happen that way in the Sookie books, we’re left wondering. We can’t say that we’d protest the idea, even though we’ve been Team Eric, however. But don’t count on Joe Manganiello for answers on his character, because his lips are sealed!

Joe said, “Well, I can say that in the season finale of season three, Alcide made a pass at Sookie, and we’ll definitely pick up where that left off.”

Useless information!! AHHH!

When asked if it was weird to do any kind of love scenes with Anna Paquin (Sookie) with her real life husband, Stephen Moyer (Beeel) present, he avoided any dirt. Ugh.

He said, laughing, “I can’t say, because if I answered that question I’d be giving away whether or not we hooked up.”

Since they’ve basically thrown the books out the window in the first season, we’re thinking that Alcide and Sookie are going to up the ante, but not before Eric gets amnesia and they do the deed.

Who are you hoping to see in the upcoming season? I wonder if they’re going to get someone cool to play Hallow….or how about Quinn? Or will Quinn be in the fifth season? So many questions….it really goes to show that waiting does suck.

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