Willie Nelson sings about weed on Stephen Colbert’s Christmas Special

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A Colbert Christmas: Willie Nelson Sings

This was just too funny not to share. Willie Nelson played one of the wisemen on Stephen Colbert’s Christmas Special, which aired on the same day as the release of Chinese Democracy.


Willie Nelson sings about weed on Stephen Colbert’s Christmas Special was last modified: June 16th, 2014 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • David Shores

    I challenge Willie Nelson to drag Mohammad’s name through the same mud he took Jesus.
    People think this is a “cute” way to belittle our Savior,
    but I am of the strong opinion that if Clobert and Nelson
    riduculed the leader of the Islamic faith they would have a very strong reaction.
    To me, this shows how kind Christians are to those who disagree with their faith.
    Of course, neither of these two men (Colbert or Nelson) have the courage to utter a word of disrespect for those of other religions.

    David Shores

  • dews

    Why would they sing about islam?islam aint worth wasting their breath on you dumb muslim bitch

  • scr3wdavid

    Yeah it was a Christmas special….hence no mention of Islam…duh.

    FYI, if you believe in creation then you have to believe God created weed. If you’re Christian, you also have to believe Jesus turned water into wine. Anybody else find it curious that our Lord and savior are aloooooooooot more laid back than their own followers?

    On a side note, there are degrees of fanaticism in any religion. Just because fanatic Muslims can’t take a joke doesn’t mean fanatic Christians can. I’m sure the moderate Muslims would laugh just as hard at this song if it were about Mohammed instead. I’m also sure I’d be replying to some poor misguided Muslim fanatic, too.