Witness Tampering In The Casey Anthony Trial?

Witness Tampering In The Casey Anthony Trial?

The Casey Anthony murder trial is over and she will be set free for time served on Sunday, July 17th. So now that the jurors have come forth with a not guilty verdict, aside from the four convictions for lying to cops, we’ve learned that there might have been some witness tampering!

Since the verdict, we’ve also learned that Casey’s mother, Cindy Anthony, won’t be charged with perjury. It was speculated that charges might be brought against her because of her claims that she searched for “chloroform” on their home computer. It was later said by her co-workers that she made the searches from her work computer instead.

According to the Orange County, Florida Sheriff’s Department, they are investigating allegations of witness tampering in the case. Officials wouldn’t name the witness, but did make sure to mention that it wasn’t Cindy.

Detective John Allen said, “In regards to where we will go, it really depends on what information we get and what people come forward to provide additional information.”

Aren’t you curious as to which witness was tampered with? Could it be Casey’s father, George? What do you think?

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