X Factor USA Review: Arin Ray & Beatrice Miller Eliminated

X Factor USA Review: Arin Ray & Beatrice Miller Eliminated

The X Factor USA’s Thanksgiving special claimed two more as Arin Ray and Beatrice Miller were sent to the chopping block. It was expected that Arin might not make it through, considering his position in the rankings. His grandmother had lashed out at his mentor Britney Spears publicly for being what she referred to as “poor mentor”, but America has spoken and Arin was eliminated right off of the bat.

What came as a shock to us was that Beatrice Miller has been eliminated from the show. She went head-to-head with Cece Frey in the final sing-off and was still voted off of the show. Cece performed a seriously sub-par rendition of “Because Of You” by Kelly Clarkson, while Beatrice Miller delivered an excellent version of Dido’s “White Flag”.

Let’s critique Cece’s performance because we really thought she was trying to throw the competition and give the win to Beatrice. When Beatrice learned that she was facing Cece in the sing-off, Cece consoled her while on stage, telling her over and over “it’s alright”. Still Cece’s singing was completely pitchy and just all-around off. This is the girl who has already proven her mettle with a Whitney Houston performance, so we know she’s got the chops. But her Kelly Clarkson song left a lot to be desired. Was it a conspiracy?!?

Why was Beatrice eliminated from the top eight? Britney still has Carly Rose Sonenclar and Diamond White under her wings, so we’re not counting her out just yet. We are still of the mind that Carly Rose is going to take the “X Factor” season two crown, but not without a fight from Tate Stevens or Vino Alan. All of the others are just fluff until the final showdown. What do you think?

So far this season who has been getting your votes on the show? Who do you think is going to win?

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