Are X-Files And Prison Break Returning? Fox Executives Discuss Possible Returns

Are X-Files And Prison Break Returning? Fox Executives Discuss Possible Returns

The X-Files and Prison Break are two of Fox TV’s most successful TV series of all time, and now they might be coming back to the network. During the 2015 Winter TCA Press Four, Fox executives Gary Newman and Dana said both shows are being eyed for a Primetime renewal.

“I think it’s been reported and it’s true that we’ve had some conversations on X-Files. We’re hopeful we’ll bring that back at some point,” Newman said of the David Duchovny-Gillian Anderson cult series.

Following the panel, Newman explained plans that have been discussed for X-Files. “If this happens, it will be with David and Gillian reprising their roles. Chris [Carter] is interested, both David and Gillian are interested. Scheduling it is very different. David has his shows and Gillian is doing something in the UK, so it’s a little hard. I really don’t know how fast it can happen because of that. But there are ongoing conversations happening.”

Speaking about the return of Prison Break, Newman said rumors about its definite return have been overstated, however, he added, “We’ve made it clear over the years…we’d bring Prison Break back in a heartbeat. It’s probably the perfect event series, so if our old partners in that show are getting interested, that would be great. But at the moment, we have nothing else to report.”

Prison Break Returning To Fox TV

While there are definitely no guaranteed plans for either the X-Files or Prison Break, it is interesting to hear that serious discusses are being help to revive the once popular shows. Forget recycling old ideas for new shows, Fox TV executives appear completely happy to bring back old shows while breathing new life into them. We can probably thank “24: Live Another Day” for this development.

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