Yes, they ought to ban the vuvuzela

When most people think of football stadiums (soccer, for you Americans), they tend to associate them with chanting, singing and a social experience where one is cast into a sea of revelers emanating one voice. However, the South African hosted FIFA World cup seems to have been devoid of this kind of sound-making due to another kind of sound-maker: the vuvuzela.

For anyone who happened to watch the historic 1-1 tie match between the U.K. England and the U.S. yesterday, you will no doubt understand how a stadium can be transformed from chanting, to a hive of angry bees (trust me, there’s no better description of the sound these things make).

But now, a ban is under consideration by the event organizers according to The Guardian:

“We’ve had some broadcasters and individuals [complaining] and it’s something we are evaluating on an on-going basis.”

The BBC and ITV have received complaints from viewers about the background noise and, while both have said they will monitor the situation, they have also made the point that it is important to reflect the atmosphere of the tournament.

Fifa has previously shrugged off complaints from broadcasters, players and coaches about the noise from the plastic horns that are being sold on every street corner in South African host cities.

I hope they ban them, or at least the networks discover a trick to squelch them a bit (300MHz range) before broadcasting the games.

UPDATE: They said they would ban them if any were thrown onto the pitch (field). Someone, please… be a hero.

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