You down with O.P.P.? Naughty By Nature are reuniting!

Naughty By Nature at B.B. Kings
[Image Credit: TimmyGUNZ via Flickr]

Naughty By Nature are getting back together to record a new album, which is set for release in the beginning of next year. How cool is that! The group last performed together in 2006 at B.B. King’s in New York (pictured above).

DJ Kay Gee says, “We’ve been talking about reuniting for about two years. Then about three months ago, we decided to go ahead.”

The new album is set to be titled, Anthem Inc.

Kay Gee tells us what we can expect from the band upon the release of its newest album:

“We’re going to make universal party tracks with great hooks; street anthems, social and political anthems, anthems for the ladies. Nothing has changed from that standpoint. But we’re not 19-20 anymore, so things will be a little different lyrically. We don’t want to make a record that sounds like we’re just trying to chase 15-year-olds. We do want to appeal to them but at the same time, we want the music to be natural and comfortable for us.”

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