Zac Efron Was In Rehab For A Cocaine Addiction

Zac Efron Was In Rehab For A Cocaine Addiction

Former High School Musical star Zac Efron was struggling with a serious addiction to cocaine earlier this year. Who even knew that he was suffering from any sort of addiction problems? We certainly didn’t, but then again, no one outside of his immediate circles knew that Corey Monteith was suffering, either. Let’s hope that Zac has gotten all of the help that he needs to get better.

TMZ reports:

Zac Efron did NOT go to rehab for alcohol abuse — it was far more serious, because multiple sources tell TMZ he had a serious cocaine addiction.

Zac completed his stint in rehab earlier this year. We’re told the problem spiraled out of control during the filming of Seth Rogen’s movie “Neighbors,” which was shot during a narrow time frame beginning in April.

Sources tell us Zac — who also starred in the movie — was a no-show on a number of days. As one source connected with the film tells us, “It was common knowledge he was struggling with cocaine.”

Three other sources confirm … Zac’s problem was rooted in cocaine, but say he also dabbled in Molly — a pure form of Ecstasy, and a popular drug in clubs and raves.

We’re told … early this year, Zac and some friends went on a coke rager in a room at the SkyLofts at the MGM Grand in Vegas … and caused around $50k in damage. No word on who took care of the bill.

We contacted Zac’s rep … she said, “Don’t think we’ll be making a comment.”

Let’s hope that he can maintain a healthy lifestyle and does not relapse into any bad habits. We are totally pulling for you, Zac. Stay strong!

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