‘True Blood’ Season 4 Episode 3: ‘If You Love Me Why Am I Dying?’ Recap 7/10/11

‘True Blood’ Season 4 Episode 3: ‘If You Love Me Why Am I Dying?’ Recap 7/10/11

Ring ring, hookah, ring ring! It’s that time again as True Blood airs on HBO and we’ll be giving you up-to-the-minute updates as we watch the show with you!

So far, Sookie spent 45 minutes in faerie land, fast forwarding real time to over twelve months. Andy is addicted to V, Jason is managing the affairs of the residents in Hotshot and Lafayette is practicing witchcraft with Jesus. Tara has been away in New Orleans, doing some MMA fighting with her girlfriend, under a false identity. Marnie casts a spell on Eric, giving him amnesia. Lastly, Bill Compton has become king of Louisiana. Okay, are we all caught up?

If You Love Me Why Am I Dying Recap:

Sookie drives away from Eric after he asks what she is. He says she smells like wheat, sunlight and honey. She runs away, he catches up to her and she tells him she’s not his dinner. She then punches him in the nose. He doesn’t know who he is and starts rattling off some Latin. It’s the Latin that Marnie was chanting in last week’s episode. She says that she will help him, but he can’t touch or bite her.

Back at the Moon Goddess Emporium, the witches are discussing the spell that they cast on Eric. Tara and Lafayette are bickering about Eric and how he can kill all of them. One of the witches suggests that they call the police, which Lafayette rebuffs. Marnie is upset that he demanded they stop practicing their religion.

Back in Hotshot, we see Jason strapped to the bed, after getting bitten by Crystal and Felton. They’re telling panther campfire tales. Crystal thanks Jason for continuing the werepanther blood line.

Back in Bill’s house, he’s watching a vampire feed on a human, after a couple of guys videotaped it. He gets sentenced to the true death. Jessica visits Bill and tells him that she fed on a guy who wasn’t Hoyt. He asks if someone taped it. She said she was at Fangtasia and admits to being unfaithful. Bill tells her to talk to Hoyt about it.

At Sookie’s house, Eric approaches and she almost lets it slip that it’s his house. She calls Pam and she rushes over after learning that Eric doesn’t remember anything. Pam asks Sookie to hide him, and she refuses. Eric knocks Pam to the floor, telling her to be nice to Sookie. Sookie says Pam should pay her for babysitting him.

At Jessica and Hoyt’s, Jessica admits to being with another guy at Fangtasia. She said she fed off of him, but didn’t have sex with him. She apologizes and said she was hungry for something different. Jessica glamors Hoyt, telling him that she’s sorry, it never happened and that she loves him.

In Eric’s cubby, Sookie climbs down and tells him that it’s okay to come down. He asks her to be his, she declines. He thanks her for everything. He shows his fangs, after asking her what she is again.

Jesus, Lafayette and Tara are discussing what to do with the Eric situation. Lafayette says he hopes to throw themselves at Eric’s mercy, but Tara says he can’t do that. He goes to bed, telling Tara and Jesus to clean. Tara says for Jesus to promise her that he won’t allow him to go to Fangtasia.

Andy and Sam are arguing after Andy takes a hit of V. Andy tells him to clean up the mess outside of the restaurant. Sookie goes to visit Alcide and she asks him to take care of Eric Northman for her. He asks if she wants him to kill Eric. She says no, that she wants him to babysit Eric.

Debbie is there, and offers to make amends with Sookie. Sookie leaves, telling him that it’s not his problem. At Maxine Fortenberry’s house, she’s there teaching Tommy to read. Tommy answers the door to a guy who’s running some sort of natural gas scam. Tommy gets suckered in and ups the ante on the guy.

In Hotshot, Crystal is talking to Jason about mothering his cubs. He said he’s dying. She said his purpose was to save her people from going extinct. She gives him a Viagra and some water and says he probably doesn’t need it.

Tara talked to Sookie about the witch’s spell, asking her to square things off with him for Lafayette. Sookie says she hasn’t seen Eric since he’s gone missing.

Sam and Tara are talking about old times and he offers her a drink. He offers her a place to stay and she says that she’s seeing someone back in New Orleans. He said he’s seeing someone, as well.

Jesus tells Tara that Lafayette is gone and they get in her car and try to follow him. Portia and Bill are having dinner after it was revealed that Bill has tried reaching Eric several times. Portia wants to have sex with Bill. He says he could never love her.

Jessica has brought the mystery doll to Mikey to play with. Tommy comes to Merlotte’s to talk to Sam and tells him that Maxine’s house is sitting on a lot of natural gas. He says she doesn’t even know. He proposes that Sam and he buy her house without her knowing about the gas. Sam says he won’t let Tommy do that to Maxine.

Bill and Portia are having sex in his mansion. Back at Sookie’s house, she’s looking for Eric. He’s not there. Lafayette is at Fangtasia, being tossed around by Pam. Tara and Jesus arrive, threatening Pam with wooden bullets. Pam wants Marnie delivered to her to reverse the spell within 24 hours.

Marnie is at the witch’s shop, casting a spell and offering a blood sacrifice. Back in Hotshot, Crystal is raping Jason as he calls her crazy. She says she loves him.

Claudine tries to approach Sookie to get her to go back to Faery. She says she can help Sookie protect herself and help her. She wants to take her to the Faery land. Eric attacks Claudine and Sookie tells him to stop. He drains her dry and she turns to dust.

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