5 Funny Songs About The Economic Crisis

While there really isn’t anything funny about the current economic crisis, all of us poor people can at least enjoy a giggle at these funny (but true) jingles. Music and politics sometimes coincide, and it’s a great way to symbolize how we’re all feeling when the D.C. fat cats pass laws that we do not want. (Ahem, BAILOUT?)

Ladies and Gents, I present, “Recession Music“.

Neal Fox – “F**k The Fed”

This is my favorite song out of the list. With a note on his Youtube sidebar that explains what The Fed is, Neal has hit the nail on the head. Well played, sir. Think he’s FED up?

Michael Adams – “I Want My Bailout Money”

This song is about the failed fiscal policies of the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury. Where’s our bailout?

Paul Hipp – “Free Money In The USA”

A song that will keep you “dancing through the depression”, Paul Hipp delivers the free money goods in this catchy little tune. I want some free money!

Ron Barba – “You Had A Bad Year”

While it’s a funny parody of “You Had A Bad Day”, we can all agree, the recession is in full effect. It’s effecting everybody. This video features Jim Cramer (of Mad Money) and Barack Obama, supposedly “throwing you a bone”. Sure he is. I’ll hold my breath.

Dan Henkel – “Super-Spending Stimulating Bailout Legislation”

A little folksy, but Dan communicates his point well. The Democrats passed the bailout without the GOP, or our approval. Now I’m not saying that I wanted John McCain in office by any stretch of the imagination, but Congress should have both parties agree on something, before the bill gets passed…

What would you add to the list?

Image Credit: Mike Licht via Creative Commons/Flickr

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