A cop pulled a gun on Diddy

Sean Combs
[Image Credit: NYCArthur via Flickr]

An L.A. cop pulled a gun on Sean Combs during a routine traffic stop on Saturday. A member of his entourage was pulled over at 3:15 a.m. on Sunset Strop after the fuzz realized the car he was driving did not have the proper tags.

A member of the entourage reportedly became uncooperative and was detained by police, prompting Diddy to see what was up. So he approached the officer.

The Sheriff’s department’s mouthpiece says, “A deputy pulled his firearm, fearing for his safety. The situation was deflated as quickly as it began.”

Diddy’s spokesperson says the cops didn’t pull the gun directly on Diddy and they were really respectful.

No one was hurt. (Read: Boring boring boring.)

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