A “pal” of Britney Spears’ tried to milk Rolling Stone for $2 million

Britney Spears

A “pal” of Britney Spears tried to get Rolling Stone Magazine to hand over a whopping $2 million for an interview and pictures with the poptard.

Reporter Vanessa Grigoriadis turned down the offer.

The magazine went ahead with a cover story about Britney Spears, which hit newsstands in America last week.

Grigoriadis told US television’s CNN: “Well, through some sort of miscommunication …[Brit’s representative, identified only as Klaus] was under the impression that I was going to give him $2 million in order to have an interview and a photo shoot with Britney.”

The cover story was all about her battle with depression and the ever-present paparazzi that swarms her on a daily basis.

Think this “Klaus” guy is her ex-pal Sam Lutfi?

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