Aaron Paul Can’t Wait To Have Children With Wife Lauren Parsekian

Aaron Paul Can't Wait To Have Children With Wife Lauren Parsekian

Former “Breaking Bad” actor Aaron Paul says that he absolutely cannot wait until he and wife Lauren Parsekian have children.

He says that the thought of having miniature versions of Lauren get him excited for the future. Cute, right?

In a new interview, he said, “What lucky kids to have Lauren as their mother. I can’t wait. I just hope they’re all little girls — all little miniature versions of Lauren because it would be fun to watch her. They don’t need to be all Lauren, but at least one! A little mini Lauren. I would love to watch her grow up.”

Despite wanting kids with his wife, apparently they are in no hurry to get that started. Once they get started having kids, watch out — he wants a lot of kids!

He said, “We’re having so much fun just being on our own. We love to travel. There’s no rush. But when we start, I think we’re going to really go for it. I think you’ll be seeing lots of little ones.”

After tying the knot last May, Paul said that he feels like he is the “luckiest human being on the planet” because things between them are so good. He said, “Marriage is the best! I’ve been calling Lauren my wife even before we started dating, and the fact that it doesn’t sound creepy anymore is great! I know you’ve heard me say this probably far too much, but I really feel like the luckiest human being on the planet. I can’t believe I know her.”

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